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James_80's Blog > Venlaxafine day 7

Posted 20 March 2017

I'm now on 37.5mg xl (extended release) a day. This is much better than the 75mg every other day (my psychiatrist doesn't really seem to have a clue sometimes). The side effects are fairly minimal at this point. Every other antidepressant I've been on has totally spaced me out. This one seems to be working more on the depression than the anxiety, although...

James_80's Blog > Venlaxafine day 3

Posted 16 March 2017

Been taking venlaxafine (effexor) 75 mg extended release for 3 days now. Only had two doses so far as I'm supposed to have one every other day. I'm going to start taking 35mg xr once a day from now though. I think that is better for my system. Anyway, feeling a bit wired and super aware. I'm not a total mess like I thought I might be. Been taking the odd...

James_80's Blog > My tips

Posted 14 March 2017

Here is a list of things that helped me :
Lead a simple and settled life (don't overload yourself)
Minimise caffeine intake (I never go over two cups of tea a day - no caffeine after 4pm)
Get enough sleep (listen to your body, take naps if you need them)
Magnesium and omega 3 supplements made my anxiety much much worse

James_80's Blog > Started venlaxafine today

Posted 14 March 2017

OK, I took one 75mg xr venlaxafine (effexor) today and will be taking it once every other day for a few weeks and seeing how I feel and then jumping up to 75mg as a daily dose. I feel ok actually. Apart from a bit of nausea and headache, it's fine. The real test with antidepressants, I find, isn't the first day but after a few days in up to the two week...

James_80's Blog > Hello

Posted 14 March 2017

Hello, I'm James. 37 years old today (happy birthday to me). I've been suffering from chronic depersonalisation/derealisation (DP/DR) due to extreme anxiety and depression for almost two years now. I've had three previous periods of DP/DR at ages 16, 21-23 and age 29. I fully recovered from the DP/DR after those periods but never overcame the depression and...