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#372302 Iv'e almost 100% cured my DP, here's exactly how....

Posted by Mike_NY on 25 May 2016 - 02:53 PM

Congratulations Mike. I too am almost 100% cured from Derealization over the past few months and I believe getting control of my anxiety is what made it go away. However, I find myself feeling down and wanting to cry sometimes. I am still not the person I was before all this happened. Maybe I am getting a little depression after suffering from such a trauma in my life for a year. I just started a new job and have no friends here so the only time I get to talk to someone is when I get home to my wife at night. My family all live in another country. I'm sure it will pass, and it's definitely only a mid week thing. At the weekends I am a lot happier because I am around my wife and friends. Anyway, congratulations on your recovery.

#369779 Staring into space

Posted by Mike_NY on 18 April 2016 - 07:30 PM

I've gradually been coming out of DR over the past few weeks and I am really close to being back to normal. I am aware of everything going on around me and I can connect with what's going on. One thing I have noticed is that I kind of feel a bit numb, like i'm depressed or something. When I am driving, I kind of stare into space a lot, however at the same time I am totally focused on driving and my surroundings so i'm perfectly safe being behind the wheel. It's usually only when I first drive after a few days (I don't drive much) but after maybe a half an hour once I relax, it doesn't happen as much. Also, if I am in a supermarket looking at items on the shelves, I do it too. It's hard to explain, its like there is so much in front of my eyes that I don't know what to look at and I kind of stare at nothing. If I am having a conversation with someone face to face too I find myself looking past them when I am talking, like i'm too anxious to make eye contact.


Anyone else get this? I guess i'm just at the point now where I am connected enough that I feel like I should before I got DP/DR, but I still am not "there" yet. 

#368795 I don't understand

Posted by Mike_NY on 06 April 2016 - 03:02 PM

I got it in May 2015 same time as you. It's almost gone for me too, we share a lot in common. I concur with what you are saying, I don't feel like I did before this happened but I think it's going to take some time.


There's a guy who has a couple of vids on youtube which he made since recorvering, a good few months apart. He basically says he doesn't even think about it anymore, just a phase in his life but he feels like he is a lot stronger person now since it happened. 


Hang in there. We haven't even had it 1 year. This doesn't go away overnight. 

#368794 Question for people who have relapsed

Posted by Mike_NY on 06 April 2016 - 02:54 PM

This a quick question as I'm half asleep but was extremely curious.


Could you explain to me how it felt for you when you 'recovered' from DP/DR (obviously this question is initially aimed at people who have relapsed but if you find that you're also cured please join in the discussion)

Yes, you may of relapsed (I myself have)

But can you recall the feeling/experience of being relieved of the symptoms?

Can you explain to me how that felt in comparison to suffering from DP/DR??


Since I relapsed, I find it difficult to imagine how I felt when I was ''cured'' and it was a similar effect when I was relieved of the symptoms that I couldn't imagine or visualise what it was like to be a victim of this awful condition, it's like your mind just resets itself and you become a different person with no memories of this disease (until you relapse)...


I got DP last June which lasted till November and relapsed in Jan out of nowhere while running at the gym. I can't say for sure what it felt like before I relapsed, probably just relief that "that's the end of that".


I am happy to tell you though in the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been gradually and I am almost 100% out of it. I don't see the world like it's not real anymore and it feels amazing. I had the confidence to go and look for another job which I nailed the interview for and was offered the position. When I look at things they seem more vivid now and more focused and I feel like I am "here" 


I have no problems talking to people now or going into a large area full of people. I have started having my lunch on my own in my cafeteria in work where there are 100's of people all sitting chatting. I can enjoy my lunch and not get anxious or feel spaced out about being there like I did before. Before I would run in as fast as I could, get my lunch and get out of there so I could take it somewhere to eat alone. My legs would be like jelly being in there because I was so damn anxious and panicky. I still have some anxiety, especially when at work when I vape nicotine or have a coffee, I get like a pressure in my sinus area which I know means i'm getting anxious, but I don't panic anymore and the feeling goes away in a couple of hours. I'd take that any day than having to live another day in a derealized state. In a weird way I feel thankful it happened to me because now I feel like I cherish life a lot more and I feel like a much, much stronger person for going through hell and coming back and beating it. 


I tried vitamins and everything else last year and at first I thought it was helping, but it was probably just placebo. How I got out of it was I listened to a couple of Claire Weekes audio books. One is called "Hope and help for your nerves" and the other was one about dealing with panic attacks. After listening to it. She explains that you simply accept the panic symptoms. They can't hurt you, so when you feel them coming on you say to yourself, do your worst! Relax your body and accept. As soon as you learn to do this and start to apply CBT techniques in situations, the sooner they start to dissipate over time and when the anxiety leaves you, she says the "feelings of unreality will start to fade" This struck a chord with me as a DR sufferer. 


So basically after listening to her books (read by her) my attitude is basically to say "I don't give a fck" and don't let it bother me. This attitude has made my anxiety get less and less every day and it's making my DR go with it.

#365992 I have recovered!!! There is hope!!!

Posted by Mike_NY on 24 February 2016 - 08:59 PM

how do people still say not thinking about it will cure it, last few months ive maybe thought about it 4 times each day and barley more then a few seconds and i hardly have noticed a difference then when i upsessed over it. of course obsessing over it isnt helping, but just not thinking about it wont get rid of it.

This has worked for me in the past. Just because it doesn't work for one person doesn't mean it won't work for another. Everyone is different. Don't shoot down people's hopes with negative comments like this. This of all places is not the place for them.

#364821 DR/DR and alcohol

Posted by Mike_NY on 01 February 2016 - 11:19 AM

I'm 31 and i've been drinking pretty heavily at the weekends since my teens. Ever since I have had DP and anxiety since June last year, my hangovers have been absolutely unbearable. Hangovers make my DP and anxiety 10 times worse, and I will get random pains in my left arm and chest which will send me over the edge and into a panic attack because I think i'm having a heart attack. I know this is because of the anxiety and i've been to the docs and had 2 EKGs.  This only happens on Sundays when I will be hungover the worst. Any other day I don't get this. I need to stop binge drinking and learn to control my intake.