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#607658 How does physical exercise affect your depersonalisation?

Posted by Omnismorss on 11 October 2019 - 08:42 PM

Did a hard workout today (like i used to do 1 month ago before dp sets in again) felt like shit the rest of the day idk must be because its friday and im too stressed and tired

#606328 Strange correlation

Posted by Omnismorss on 13 September 2019 - 11:37 AM

Hm I'd say I have had minor depression throughout the years. One thing that really helps is lots of Vitamins especially B Vitamins. Sad to hear that you were suicidal and that life seems to suck sometimes. Hang in there and we've got your back. Keep on going and perhaps it'll pass again as it had before.

thank you very much!!

#606222 Need some support please very sad

Posted by Omnismorss on 10 September 2019 - 04:36 PM

Im feelling like this too, i cant study i cant work i cant go to gym normally anymore, some months ago i was very VERY sad thinking about killing my self and all but i got a family that needs me i got to keep going anyway, anyhow, years ago i made a 6 month treatment with an ssri, it helped me to get going, i will recomend you to try it do a short treatment too but do not rely on it just start your inner engine again, im feeling what you feeling its just a depression it will go away but itll need your will to do it

#604900 Has anyone recovered from Stage 4 Trauma?

Posted by Omnismorss on 16 August 2019 - 08:46 PM

What kind of trauma you experience?

#464177 DPDR, anxiety and waiting rooms

Posted by Omnismorss on 31 May 2017 - 09:15 PM

Yes, totally now that I am better I remember the multiple times I had to cancel my appointments, idk how it works there but here I found a friend dentist and I told him about my anxiety problem, he gave me a weak sedative for the cirurgy it helped a lot, Maybe you can ask your dentist for it.
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#464169 Need an short advice :)

Posted by Omnismorss on 31 May 2017 - 09:07 PM

I believe you will never fully recover from do if you focus this much on it, about the "hangover" I never heard something like this maybe you can describe in a better way? In this 11 years my dp has come and gone various times, but constant stress is something that always brings some symptoms I had many panic attacks in this 11 years and I can tell, you will recover, it's like I have explained 1 year ago to a girl, imagine yourself in a empty room with A glass in the middle in one side its you without dp in the other its you with dp once you cross this glass you don't remember how the other feels like, you can't feel it get it? It's like when you are in love with someone, you will always remember the situations and good moments, but you won't feel "the love" that intense feeling again no matter how much you remember

#364892 Memory or Dream?

Posted by Omnismorss on 02 February 2016 - 09:17 PM

I had a lot of false memories, its actually commom for me to keep remembering something i know it didnt happen in reality as a true memory, i dont think its something you should worry about, i had this even before u had dp and nothing worse happened.

#364430 Anyone feel this?

Posted by Omnismorss on 24 January 2016 - 08:28 PM

I totally relate to you, when im plating videogames concentratig in the cross in the middle of the screen its all OK, but when the reality comes she hits me like a train, things look strange and unreal for some moments, my advice is: live more in the reality, but you can think "easyer said than done" not actually, i've been where you are and i can say for sure you can re-adapt tour brain to the real world again, do everything you can to not stay in your house, go out whenever possible (keep in mind that school or work will not work because your brain is used to it and will just distract you from this feeling and not make you feel better at all). That worked for me, there is nothing more se can do about it, we can live or die anyhing else is torture.

#364426 Newbie.

Posted by Omnismorss on 24 January 2016 - 07:58 PM

Do not count with Simeone by your side forrver, i learned this the hard way, i know its hard to Cope with all this things together but, you know what is causing yout dp and you should br happy about it a great parte of people here dont know, so my suggestion is: talk to him about it he will surr undrstand tell him he is your "anchor" send him messages, talk to gima via skype or something like it, this will not be the same but in the end its all you have left, this is your reality now, be strong.

#355647 Traveling?

Posted by Omnismorss on 07 August 2015 - 08:17 AM

The first time i travelled alone i was dp'd it was a 450 miles away from home i was suppose to stay in my uncle's house with my cousin and one thing i noticed is: its like your brain know you are in a different place Abd you CANT lose control here its easyer and the anxiety and fear reduced a lot whe. I was there, seems like your brain know you NEED this time and will make you more relaxed só you can chill with friends, talk, party without that daily anxiety, i really believe you wont lose control when in your vacations, come here after and tell us how the things happened.

#355607 (Trigger Warning) Schizophrenia?

Posted by Omnismorss on 06 August 2015 - 09:52 AM

For me it is, but i truly believe its because im introvert and dont have much people to talk, like im a sane intelligentsia person im always studying and learning new things, but i dont have anyone to share, só i made like another personality (i know im.talking to myself in my mind) só i dont go completely crazy, just like deadpool in the comics but i know mine "voices" are something i create.

#355506 Introduction\My Experience\Help Request

Posted by Omnismorss on 04 August 2015 - 09:21 AM

By the way i botn in a catholic family, i was catholic till my 12 when i started to question my faith so when i was 18 i was completely cetic about any religion and i still do not believe in any religion, but i have faith in the balance of universe, i dont believe in a god like religion make you believe i believe this "god" its just this balance this might who keeps out universe working.

#355504 Advice?

Posted by Omnismorss on 04 August 2015 - 08:55 AM

Let me give you an idea, find a job where you can deal with healthy happy people but dont have the NEED to be fast, somewhere you can talk to someone face to face without knowing their problem, i think i already told you i work in a café, i serve the coffees and im also one of the manager so i NEED to deal with people face to face all time, some days are stressful? YES somedays i just want to come home and sleep but in general is a great job and deal with people, meeting their histories make me feel better, more human i dont know, thats my idea not neccessary in a café but some fashion shop or something like that, find something for your mind not your pocket.

#355444 Question.

Posted by Omnismorss on 02 August 2015 - 05:40 PM

It's weird because when I went through this before the night time was the worst and now that's when I find the most comfort. It's crazy. Where are you from?

well i have read your history and we have almost the same history i did not have an abusive das and i did not smoked pot, but i do had an narcisistic mother, and my father was always working actually by the age of 15 i almost never had his company just for 2 hours a day, my mother was veeeeery annoying, and one day he ended up trying to beat her in my front, he worked almost his entire life in another city só i just see him now 3 times a year, YES i grew up just with a narcisistic and annoying mother presença too and i love her too and i never blamed her too, i never did por before but i spend a lot of time playing games in isolation, i think this works the same way, even with all this issues like i told you, i got better, 100% better i wasnt having fear i wasnt spending time having introspective issues, i was feeling só good once i tried to detach myself when i was with friends in the beach, i was looking to the sea trying to feel the way im feeling now (stupid idea right?) but i coudnt the things were good i was good i was happy, and i was talking to everyone even about complex science you know space stuff and phylosophy, nope didnt felt detached not even a sign of dp, só i say to you with all the words YOU WILL FEEL BETTER Abd when you start to feel better you will notice it will be a slow processo but you will notice every upgrade.

I Live in brazil by the way.

#355428 Question.

Posted by Omnismorss on 02 August 2015 - 12:25 PM

For me its worse during the daytime too but when i come here by the night and see someone in chat it helps.