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In Topic: 110% Fully Recovered 🙂

22 January 2020 - 12:06 PM

I am sure it will help a lot of people, I just mean there is a difference between saying "I have recovered, here is what I did" and "I have recovered, now I understand everything about every person who has dpdr, if you think X or Y then you are wrong, and here is what you have to do". I don't think recovering gives people insights about the problem of others. Sorry, I get a bit upset about this. Technically I believe there is a good chance my problem is related to anxiety and rumination. I am not really talking about that, just the form. Like in "dp/dr is NOT, I repeat, NOT a disorder by itself!!! I dont care if a phychologist says it is". Maybe it is true, but recovering doesn't give people degrees to be superior to a psychologist. Like this I feel I am being talked down to. Giving ones opinion just as an opinion or a personal experience is already enough.

The reason I said this, is because phychologist also agree that it is not a disorder by itself, in fact, most don't acknowledge it as a disorder at all. I know this because when I was in counseling, that is the first thing they tried to help me understand. They wanted me to focus on everything else, not SPDR. I say "idc If a phychologist says" because sometimes, people go to bad phychologist and get fed lies so they can keep people as patients. That doesn't often happen, but in the chance it does, I wanted to state that.

Also, I tried to keep my advice in a big picture sdp/dr. Most of the suggestions is trying to change the way you think about it, rather than "run 1 mile, take this supplement, etc."Which is why I said focus on anxiety, because everyone is different, everyone will have to find their own path. That's why I mention to focus on anxiety because it is more tangible than dpdr.