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Blog to talk about OCD, Anxiety and the worst of all DP/DR

07 October 2016 - 07:45 AM

Hi guys been long time, doing well, job is going well, family is well.
I'm starting a blog to talk about my life battling with OCD, anxiety and DP/DR. Hopefully I can raise some awareness when someone discover my blog through Google. Gotta work on Search Engine Optimization.

I have no time to go on this site but this site has helped me tremendously in the beginning.

You are all warriors!!!!

Very honest psychiatrist. Last post here.

30 May 2016 - 01:00 PM

I've been seeing this psychiatrist twice at a large hospital in the Toronto area and I would say he is a very honest guy but unfortunately he is not able to help me.  But fortunately that I feel so much better now that I feel like I can move on.  I have a job as a software engineer, just have my beautiful daughter.  When I get busy, I forget about dissociation.


The first visit was me telling him about the symptoms and he said he said suffering from DP in isolation/chronically is rare but not that rare as he has seen few cases over the years.  I do have OCD and anxiety.  He said he would refer me to his colleague who specializes in dissociation but unfortunately they had a chat and he doesn't believe his colleague would be able to help either.  He mentioned, usually there are traumas involved in dissociation.


He said he doesn't want to give me drugs because he said it just masks and it might make derealization worst, guys I don't think you should expect a drug to just wake you up, there is more than that involved.  He said in psychiatry, everyone is different, we just group them into different labels base on symptoms.  He said he hope that in the future there would be brain scan, so psychiatrists can tell me oh, this part is not working properly, or "oh you have a serotonin deficiency".  He said when that day comes, people wouldn't have multiple diagnoses, it would just be one diagnosis. (honestly, I can't believe he actually said that)


He is sending me to CBT because he said that's the only thing you can try right now.


I once saw another psychiatrist and that was just total joke, doesn't listen to you and doesn't care about you.  I believe this doctor is very genuine, it is what the state of current psychiatry lies right now.


See you guys! you can do it!  I crawled from a really dark DP hole!  there is no point of obsessing on here, move on with your life, you never know there might not be tomorrow coming.

Peripheral eye tricks. Anyone get these?

21 November 2015 - 05:46 PM

While driving, I keep seeing stuff and when I turn over, it's just an illusion.
For example, a shadow might trick me thinking I saw a person.

50% of the time it's correct, 50% of it is illusion.

It might have to do with the fact that my extreme fear is psychosis or schizophrenia.
It's like I'm anxious and all my senses are heightened.

Anything in my peripheral vision that looks like something would trick my brain to generate an image of it.

I also have this issue I think after reading that in prodromal stage people can see face in patterns. There is a name for that I think it's called pareidolia, now it's like happening to everything that I see, anything that mimics a face. I think this started after my fear of schzio

I've been seeing a psychologist and she thinks it's anxiety and ocd. She works as a psychologist in a hospital as well as a professor at a psychiatry medical school in Canada.

I want to trust her but this hyperawareness is driving me crazy.

These symptoms are nothing new, but it's on and off but lately it's like out of control.

Non of the illusions I see are vivid, more of an image in my head! There is a always a stimulant, I don't see anything that's not there, there is always something that tricks me

My dp has gotten better that I'm back to work leading a large IT project. This defeats the logic of prodromal stage.

I've had severe health anxiety, ocd before dp

Any suggestions?