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In Topic: Depersonalization from panic attacks usually disappears.

27 July 2015 - 02:04 AM

I have not had time to read the original posts, but the title kind of throws me, please tell me if you're thinking that DP brought on by panic is more mild? Or if it goes away? 'Cause after 10 years i know that to be highly untrue. Not trying to be negative just a little curious as to the meaning of the title of the thread. 

Read the thread. I have also has DP on and off for ten years.

In Topic: Feeling Really Scared...

27 December 2014 - 07:14 AM

Hope you're feeling better today mate. It's a long road with DP but there with be glimmers of hope occasionally!

In Topic: Depersonalization from panic attacks usually disappears.

21 October 2014 - 06:01 PM

Hi Everyone,


Just letting you know it has been over a week. I had to take some Valium on Saturday after I came inside from gardening I got some bad DP and I wanted to stop it ASAP. So I took 6mg and apparently my doctor didn't like that when i told him yesterday and now he won't give me anymore. I said I don't want to be on Zoloft I just want to take Valium as needed... Nope he wouldn't give me more. So I might honestly look to the internet to buy some. I still have plenty left I just want to make sure I have more than enough just incase.


Anyway after I took the 6mg I had a great sleep, and I woke up feeling pretty great. As i had said earlier a lot of new changes are happpening, new job, new house, new area, new puppy... it's all a bit much waking up in a new place so I think maybe i'm just adjusting. Since Saturday (it's now wednesday) i can say I feel pretty great, i went and saw Gone Girl at the movies last night, a scary long movie and i handled it really well, no valium needed. I feel more comfortable in my surroundings and i'm feeling DP fading away once again. Hopefully this time it doesn't come back, however i've never been able to control it as it's coming on because I never expect it. But i definitely do not forget what it feels like. 

In Topic: Depersonalization from panic attacks usually disappears.

12 October 2014 - 06:57 PM

Hey Zed,


I'll read through some of your stuff tonight, I am at my graphic design job, i dragged myself out of bed today, i woke up with some pretty heavy DP (I had two laxatives last night because i felt pretty yucky) and i woke up at 4am needing to go to the toilet and again at 7am when my alarm was and i was just not right mentally or physically don't know what that was all about but i'll be avoiding that situation from now on.


I'd just like to point out i was about 95% better last night, i went to the beach i went to the supermarket all with the 'i don't care what happens' attitude, sometimes i get really nervous and worry about all the noise etc but i did just fine. The funny thing is I worked at Woolworths for 4 years and i was super comfortable with all the noises and lights and people at that particular Woolies but if i went to another one in my own time i would be too overwhelmed. 


Yep I didn't realise Maze Runner was going to do my head in so much. Like i said when i watch action films etc with my partner I tend to zone out because it can be too intense for me. I like watching crappy reality tv and simple movies, as i don't want to be taken to far away from reality! Which just made sense to me as i wrote this :)


Hope you're all getting through!

In Topic: Depersonalization from panic attacks usually disappears.

10 October 2014 - 05:12 AM

Okkkay guys, been a few days, mostly improving I am feeling the DP lifting slightly every morning. Not a lot but a glimmer of hope most days. However tonight I went to the cinema I saw Maze Runner, which i think is a good movie but it was a bit confusing and a little scary i suppose, so i started to get a bit panicy where as usually with action films and horror i never pay much interest. I suppose i was so invested in the film that i felt like i was there (they were stuck in a maze and couldn't get out) and that's basically what's going on in my head. I often can't pay much attention to movies because my mind is always wandering to negative irrelevant things. 


I felt a panic attack coming along so I went to the bathroom after the movie (i usually get a bit of panic walking out of cinemas for some reason) I had two valiums as i knew we were staying in the shopping centre to get dinner, and food courts usually tip me over the edge, when people look at me i feel like they think im a crazy person, the noises and sounds become far too overwhelming, the lights are too bright, there is no natural light or easy exit. I know the valiums are a mask, but i feel like i handled it all pretty well and next time i know it's not so bad i will be okay without valium. If I didn't have them i would have avoided the situation but i really wanted to push myself and deal with it. My partner was saying things like calm down dont walk so fast (you all know if you need to walk fast, nothing will stop you so him saying that stressed me out). I also feel like i need time in a bathroom to sit and relax and chill the fuck out and he complains i take to long. so it sure does feel like a lonely battle. 


As people have been saying medicine will not help your DP, i disagree at the moment. In my case anyway DP is brought upon from my insecurities and anxiety. I know that if i have something keeping me physically calm and stopping my heart from beating out of my chest I can work on the emotional side myself. I've been on zoloft for about 3-4 weeks and i feel that it has helped me through a few situations, i do feel a slight sense of calm, not too much, but enough to know i need to pull myself together it won't do all the work.


I will see a doctor and my psychologist again soon. I need to have valium on me at all times at the moment. I know that it's not healthy blah blah blah. but honestly it's the only thing that is keeping me from loosing my shit in public. I don't even need to take the pill i just need it in my bag or nearby to remind myself if i really need to i'll take it and i will be okay and the thoughts will slow down.