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In Topic: Recovered - Read & Be Amazed

24 July 2014 - 08:45 AM

I didn't change the way I thought to get better. 


It's just not necessary to do it in any deliberate way. 


In fact, all the time I was trying to change my thoughts I stayed screwed up!


I did finally got better through practising some awareness exercises (I've put them elsewhere on the site but don't promise they'll help anyone else) and actually by acknowledging my experiences full on, rather than being petrified of them.



We all have different paths, different destinations, different dreams.

In Topic: Recovered - Read & Be Amazed

24 July 2014 - 03:38 AM

A lot of people write 'hey, get off this site to get better.'


This advice is written by people who've all been here and now recovered.  


In the good old days (before internet)  there wasn't anything like this site.  And if you feel 'on your own' now, imagine if you didn't even know there were others who had this thing. 


This site is a very valuable place.  I get that some people need to get off it and get on with their lives.   If being on this site is preventing you from getting 'out there', then obviously that's not a good thing.  But the site can also be a great support.  Before the internet, you would have been really on your own.  You can get on with your life and still come to this site, that's for sure.




Seeing many different stories here, I'm beginning to see people are different, have different symptoms, have different needs and are at different places in their recovery.  I'm beginning to think that the 'everybody listen to my advice,' is actually one of the (final) stages of dpdr, it is so very common.  (oh, yes, I've been through the stage!)


It is as if you have become an angel, and out of the goodness of your heart, you descend back to hell and see the poor devils crying for help.  You declare 'I will save you, brother, sister!  Let's get you out of this place!  Follow me!'  


But could it be (I know you won't agree), but could it be it's not really the others you are trying to save.  


It is yourself.



In Topic: The DPDRometer: a way to measure your symptoms.

21 July 2014 - 03:08 PM

thanks for putting up your scores - they're really interesting to see, and it's nice to see some of you say it's a good idea.


 I see there's a score of -10 in there.  I haven't been there in a long time.  Interesting that you (thegreenbastard) say that you psych yourself up to -10.  I have often found I can spiral myself in to a worse state than where I started. Glad to hear you're not there too often.


I am interested if others found using this scale (or any other)  helps their dpdr.  Obviously, it helped me a lot, just giving myself a score rather than wrapping myself up in never-ending knots helped calm my racing perception (oh, it's just a big deal, I'll settle soon), and that's why this thread.  


It's also useful to have a way of sharing intensity of dpdr, I think. 

In Topic: Can I drink after dp recovery?

20 July 2014 - 06:14 AM

AFAIK, alcohol won't trip you in to dpdr again.  In research, it's never shown to be a trigger.  It affects a different part of the brain (left hemisphere).  Some people even says it helps reduce the pain of dpdr (in moderation), but I wouldn't recommend it as a remedy...


do watch you don't get dependent on it, of course.  If you were a regular 'toker' you might be an 'addictive' personality, so watch for that.  


And you don't have to drink because your mates do!


Stay healthy and know your limits.


you're right to stay away from weed - some dpdr sufferers go back and find it makes things even worse.

In Topic: Repersonalisation/Rerealisation: a Recovery Guide to dp/dr.

19 July 2014 - 03:48 AM

Exercise 5 Self-Awareness, Symptom-Awareness.


Monitor your dp/dr symptoms using a scale from -10 to 10. The scale could be calibrated like this, but you may prefer your own, tailored to your own symptoms.

10 Feel strongly alive, real, integrated, connected, complete.

5 Feel very positive about self in the world, good sense of reality and one's place in it.

0 Neutral. Not thinking about sense of aliveness/reality/self. No particular concerns one way or other. No issue. Involved in other things.

-1 some 'buzzy' sense of unreality around the edges. Annoyance/some anxiety.

-5 world as real/unreal feel equally likely. Unpleasant, anguish, can't help but question reality. Feel sense of loss of orientation in the world.

-7 -> -8 eg, 'floating eyeballs', arms don't feel your own, don't recognise you as yourself in mirror...

-10 complete sense of unreality, no link with the world or place in it, extremely distressed.

Use this scale at any time. Feedbacking your sense of dp/dr will strongly help you to manage your feelings better, and let healing take place. However, don't try to 'force' a more positive score. This scale is for use as honest feedback for yourself, not for disappointing or chagrining yourself. Be as honest with your score as is possible (only you will know).

Getting to know yourself (self-awareness) and your intensity of symptoms is a very healthy thing to do.