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In Topic: Is This Depersonalization?

02 June 2014 - 08:47 AM

Yes, this is my major symptom. It's fucked up. It's even more pronounced when you're alone with a friend and you see them as another creature just like you, trapped in their human body. It's kinda like seeing everything for the first time for what it really is. I'm still not entirely sure if it's depersonalization...because it's a dissociative disorder, and it doesn't dissociate me at all. It makes me aware for how things really are. Maybe I just see it a different way.

In Topic: Is this considered depersonalization? I feel "too aware" of my own existence

23 May 2014 - 12:12 PM

Textbook depersonalization/derealization. 


My view of things becomes stripped down to nothing but "animals, objects, plants". I experience ego death, my brain loses the concept of "I", everything becomes dreamlike and I feel like I'm tipping over the edge of reality. I become a machine, I talk to other machines. I become hyper-aware of everything, yet nothing is truly real. It's scary. It's fucked up. There's no sadness, there's no anxious feelings. There's just me, a semi-conscious being in some flesh and I can't even figure out whether I'm controlling it.


You should stay on this site and browse the forums, best of luck to you.



This is word for word what I experience. I wasn't sure if it was depersonalization because I don't feel very dissociated, it's more like hyperawareness of what everything really is. It's absolutely fucking terrifying. I can't believe there's a whole community for this phenomenon. Thank you everyone.