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In Topic: I can’t relate to anyone and it scares me

21 January 2019 - 04:59 PM

I'm sorry you are feeling this way sad.png


You definately don't deserve it. It sounds like you are having a tough time of it. Just be honest with your Therapist and talk it out. I'll tell you a little about my experiences with DR and DP. It sounds like you might be getting obsessive about these feelings you are having. Depression and Anxiety make this worse. I think you will find that a lot of us have the same or similar symptoms. The thing you mentioned about your feelings and emotions towards your family sounds familiar to me.


When I go a long time with DR and DP I start to feel like I'm disappearing. I have difficulty actually feeling anything as if my emotions are being sucked away. I often feel like I am being swallowed up by a deep hole and I see things happening from far away or like there is this sheet that is separating me from the world and the people who love me. I also feel like my love for my family has been muffled or hijacked.  My head feels numb as well as my body and my senses of taste, touch, smell and vision is very messed up. It feels like I'm touching a dead body when I touch my arms and face. I feel like I am smothering when I eat and my sense of smell is just gone. My hands when I look at them doesn't look like my hands like they don't belong to me and I worry about what has happened to my body. I remember worrying as a teenager that I was already dead and I was in Hell. I still have thoughts like that sometimes. Its important to know that you are not alone in this. I hope you have family or friends that are supportive.  


Blessings to you. I hope you feel better soon.


In Topic: Anyone else with derealisation feel like theyre going to pass out?

19 January 2019 - 09:58 PM

I take it back. I just remember only once where I passed out. I remember I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom where I was getting ready to wash my face and I saw myself in the mirror. I'm not really sure why I passed out but it was like everything even my reflection  seemed so very far away from me. Like I was being sucked down a long tube or something.  I was only a teenager probably about 15 or so and it was after these spells started happening to me.  Also, right before I passed out I remember screaming but then my mom said I never said anything but sank to the floor without a sound. Mom was there with me because I was in the hospital for tests trying to find out what was causing these feelings.


Also, does anyone else have ringing in their ears often? I get ringing in my ears a couple of times a day.

In Topic: new here and not feeling anything...

19 January 2019 - 09:45 PM

Me too ali3n, I'm very thankful to have him. Oh and I was able to get an appointment with my new doctor next week instead of waiting for Feb 28th. I'm hoping they will be able to help me. :) 

In Topic: Visual symptoms same as Forestx5

19 January 2019 - 09:38 PM

Visual problems are common from what I can tell. I have visual probs like the static and tunnel vision as well. It makes it difficult to read and function. Stay away from the weed as I've heard others say that it started their Depersonalization as well as make it worse if they had it before.  I hope you feel better sweetie. I wasn't much younger than you when it began with me. I'm soon to be 46 and have been having DR and DP symptoms to varying degrees on and off for most of my life. I was 13 when it started for me even though it didn'nt start from weed. For me anxiety is a trigger. 



In Topic: I got my lab results back!

17 January 2019 - 01:23 PM

Well the more you learn! I thought they could do blood tests to measure them. So if they can't really measure them in the blood stream then how can they say that you have a chemical imbalance in your brain like with Bipolar? This all seems so hopeless.