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I Have Recovered.

12 October 2016 - 06:07 PM

Some people who have been on this site for a while might remember me. I was active on this site in 2014 and had been struggling with DPDR for almost two years.


It's been months and months now since I've had any symptoms of DPDR.


Recovery is possible. But I didn't just wake up one morning cured. It was a slow and painful process.


How did I do it? Patience, distraction, keeping calm and assuring myself that it would all be over one day.


My symptoms started phasing out; first the physical and bodily symptoms became scarce, then the feelings of derealization became a rare occurrence, and finally one day I had noticed I had been functioning normal as a human being without leaving my mind or body once for a whole week.


I had relapses every now and again; bad weeks even though I had had a good month. There are even places that I revisit still where I've had DPDR "attacks"  and that can trigger horrible memories and vivid flashbacks, but even now I am conquering those places and moving on with my life.


I cannot give you the holy grail to curing DPDR. The best way I can describe my own experience is that my cure was patience. In time as my life carried on, my brain began to heal itself and I became more and more accustom to controlling this disorder.


I wanted to come back to this site to help fellow sufferers and give advice to those souls out there who are going through a terrible mental disease that yet so little is known about.


My time with DPDR was THE MOST terrifying time of my life. But it is now over.


Feel free to PM me or leave a response and I will try to answer questions and help those who want help.