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Riah's Blog > You Will Not "Recover"

Posted 05 September 2014

You Will Not Recover.

You Will Heal, over a long period of time. And you will relapse.

A lot of people have a few symptom free days and assume that they have recovered, or are in 'recovery'.

Then those same people have a bad depersonalized day and think their whole brain is malfunctioning, that they're getting worse, going schizophrenic,...

Riah's Blog > The Big List Of Symptoms

Posted 28 May 2014

Depersonalization can give you many symptoms, and a lot of people mistake them for schizophrenia or other psychotic illnesses. Here's a little break-down of the symptom categories and list of symptoms for each that I have compiled through some research from psychiatric articles and personal experience, so if you...

Riah's Blog > I Am Symptom-Free Today

Posted 25 May 2014

I haven't had a symptom free day since October 2013.

And today has been perfect.

The only things I've changed are:
  • Getting more than 6 hours of sleep a night
  • & Taking an Ashwagandha supplement every day

I'm one step closer to recovery : )

Riah's Blog > Quotes That Help Me Feel Less Alone

Posted 10 May 2014

A short collection of excerpts from a book, a poem, and a journal, that help me feel a little less crazy and put me at ease.


"I am a spectator, so to speak, of the molecular whirlwind which men call individual life; I am conscious of an incessant metamorphosis, an irresistible movement...

Riah's Blog > Slowing losing myself

Posted 03 March 2014

I feel like I'm slowing losing touch with the idea of 'me' or 'I'. I feel like I'm losing my human-ness and everything seems less real to me. People aren't these miracles of beings, they're machines. I'm a machine. I'm losing my feelings. I'm cold. I'm gone. My memories seem fake, and my dreams seem just as fake. I feel cursed with a computer of brain that...