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I am not a doctor; any advice I may give cannot replace your physician's care. Always discuss any substances (or other medical therapies) with your doctor before using them, and use under medical supervision. And, do your own research regardless of what people tell you. If you can't find a competent, understanding, open-minded doctor; keep searching until you do, rather than trying without medical supervision.


My current investigations:

  • GLYX-13 - NMDAR glycine site partial agonist (non-oral)
  • NRX-1074 - orally active NMDAR glycine site partial agonist (structure not yet released)
  • D-Aspartate - NMDAR agonist, converts to NMDA as well
  • D-serine - full agonist at the NMDAR glycine site
  • Oxiracetam (maybe) - inhibits KYNA induced NMDAR antagonism in vitro
  • JDTic - long-lasting KOR antagonist
  • EVP-6124 - a7nAChR partial agonist
  • (4-DMA)7,8-DHF - "natural" orally active TrkB agonist (4-DMA analogue is man-made)
  • Dihexa - mysterious synaptogenic substance
  • Unifiram - AMPAkine-like substance seemingly more suitable than Sunifiram
  • Emapunil - TSPOR agonist
  • Neuropeptide S and Y - anxiolytic neuropeptides
  • Inhibition of Dynorphin biosynthesis
New to supplements/meds, don't know where to start? I recommend looking in to:
  • Coluracetam - HACU inhibitor
  • CBD - Legal cannabinioid derived from Cannabis. Some sources contain too much THC, confirmed to be legit is CanChew so far. IME proper anxiolytic, non-sedating yet enhances sleep, anti-addictive w.r.t. nicotine.
  • Cerebrolysin - Whip out the big guns. Injection only. Mixture of porcine brain derived neurotrophic factors. Several reports exist that it has helped dissociative symptoms. Does nothing IME, but warranted nonetheless.
  • Kava Kava - decent anxiolytic; no compelling evidence for hepatoxicity or significant GABAergic downregulation.
  • Naloxone - unfortunately haven't tried it myself, but the preliminary evidence of its efficacy is the best I've seen in clinical DP research. Note: This is not Naltrexone, which seems to be less efficacious. Usually injection only, but intranasal administration does exist. Use while under medical supervision.
  • Modafinil - essentially non-addictive eugeroic nootropic (wakefulness promoter). Has been called, in combination with Clomipramine, the "hidden pearl that can really help DP" by Dr. Torch I believe it was. Start low; anxiety prone individuals may have an anxiogenic response.
  • tDCS - transcranial direct-current stimulation. Different settings exist; I've tried only classic anodal LdlPFC + cathodal RdlPFC, and anodal LdlPFC + cathodal supraorbital settings, with best results with the latter. If your physician is willing to try other settings, perhaps look in to the rTPJ rTMS DPD study.

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