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Questioning Everything

30 August 2013 - 02:16 PM

Hey guys. I have had dp/dr for about six months now. I question everything and everything about me. I currently have an awesome boyfriend. I do love him a lot, but I am unsure if he is the one because we are very opposite from each other and I am a little bored in the relationship. I want it to work with him so bad because he is such a great guy, but I know deep down something just lacking in the relationship. I also find myself not as attracted to him anymore. I wonder if that is normal to just not be attracted to him anymore and these thoughts have led me to believe I am a lesbian. I have never been attracted to women in that way before or at least I never paid attention. I have always been boy crazy, but crazy thoughts about me being a lesbian just wont go away. I dont think there is anything wrong at all about homosexuality. Like I said I have been having messed up thoughts lately and questioning everything about myself. I was just wondering if anymore has had this same experience were all their life they have been straight and not thought of yourself as being attracted to members of the same sex, but suddenly with dp/dr you begin to wonder? I was just curious.