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In Topic: Depersonalization is EASY to recover from

03 April 2015 - 05:33 PM

So, it is easy to recover... uhuhuh...

I have this #&%*(^%$& disorder 10,5 years...


Can you tell me how it is easy to recover... ???

Distraction doesn't helpt me... I think I still have social anxiety...


Is it easy for me to recover ??? Can you help me ???

In Topic: Depersonalization is EASY to recover from

03 April 2015 - 02:15 PM

Whahahaha, you are right, TheMessenjah :lol:  :D .


Easy ??? It is not so easy to recover...

In Topic: I don't know it any more, after 10 years dp/dr.

02 April 2015 - 07:36 PM

Hey RichUK,




Thanks a lot for your response !!!


I see DR now as a really bad anxiety habbit.

Yes, it is. Dp is a symptom of anxiety and the dp becomes our "normal" ... A little bit strange, isn't it ???


Acceptance is the key along with time

Yes, I also read this on this forum. But it isn't easy... Is is soooo hard... But we have to try and try and try...


You really need to work on anxiety in my opinion its the key. 

Yes, it is ;) . I think I must work on 'the social anxiety' thing... But it is difficult, beause I try to leave the house every day, but when I wake up, I have fear to going crazy...

And some docters have said to me that I have the diagnose 'Asperger'... And when you have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you have difficulties with 'the social anxiety' thing... And that is chronic...

Thus sometimes I am afraid that I cannot recover... :wacko: ...


Continue with your life as you want it to be make friends with the DP

And so this is also a difficult thing for me... After 10 years I am so sick of the dp. It is difficult to letting go the dp...


So acceptance is also the key... Pppffff, I have a lot to do ^_^  :wacko: ...



Thanks !!!

In Topic: I don't know it any more, after 10 years dp/dr.

02 April 2015 - 07:12 PM

Hey AylaStar,




Sorry, I am a little bit late (again...) with my response.


But thank you so much for your detailed explanation :wub:  :)  !!!

I am very happy to read this !!!



Did you see this topic is "HOT" , there are 571 views at this topic... (see start-page) .  Wooowwww...



But back to your explanation.

The first way to do it, that first 5 pounds is really believing in the possibility that we WILL recover. That is our foundation. Without a solid foundation even the biggest building will fail, so we have to really throw in whatever faith or hope we can muster (and it's hard) into understanding in our soul that WE CAN RECOVER. And we can!

Thank you for your pep talk !!!


have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired

So, I always feel like this... :( ...


I understand your explanation. For me, I also try to leave the house every day. For example, to go to the supermarket. But it isn't easy. Sometimes I don't want to leave the house, because I am afraid of the dp. But I also have, that when I am with other people, I am a little bit nervous... (social anxiety...)


  "all you have to do is change your thinking...." I was pissed. IF I could do that I wouldn't be in this mess!!!!

Soooo, I am thinking the same, at this moment. I know that I must change my thinking, but I don't know how ???

Trying not think about it... yeah... after 10 (or in your situation, 20) years... That isn't so easy... And it is difficult to think positive when you have this *&&^#$%@#  disorder... It is sooooo hard...


BUT, we are NOT brain dead. Despite how strange and alien and gone we feel, we do know there is a little part of US still here.

It is strange, isn't it ? We have the feeling that we doesn't live, but we still have memories...


I don't know about you, but I have ruminating thoughts at times that drive me nuts.

This isn't also strange for me... I understand what you mean. Dp is like a song that can't get out of your head... It goes on and on...


At first I would distract myself and try and push the fear away but then I would think, "why am I doing this thing, oh yeah to distract myself from this." and then it would hit me again.

Oooohhh yeah.... It sounds the way I am thinking at this moment... hihi.


I heard that the way what we are thinking, becomes our normal (the dp becomes our normal) . A little bit strange, but I know we are in a negative circle.


For me: I feel myself a little bit unsure, when I am with other people. I think that I have social anxiety. But when I feel the anxiety, I still have dp... (huh??? ...)


We can't go back to normal if we're trying to control the not-normal.

Like the comparison with 'not thinking about the purple elephant... ;)  .


I learned a lot of your explanation, thanks !!!




Greetings !!!

In Topic: I don't know it any more, after 10 years dp/dr.

25 March 2015 - 07:19 PM

Hey AylaStar,




First of all, sorry that I was a litte bit late with my response. But I have some depressed days, because of the unreal feelings.


And thank you so much for your long explanation !!!

Hihi, you have changed your name from Willwin into AylaStar. That's a nice name.





I began to recognize that no matter how bad and intense the feelings were, that they weren't able to shoot out of me or actually do any damage.

Yes, I know it is true. The feelings doesn't any damage. But I am often so tired, because of the unreal feeling...




I still have anxiety and DP/DR, but it was through the depths of the pain from it that I was able to make a breakthrough. I was having an episode and I faced it head-on for the first time. I actually FELT myself working through something.

Wooow, that is clever of you...




I know now, from this experience that there IS a way to work through stuff. Before, I always wanted to but didn't know how.

So I am... I am also researching how to beat this unreal feeling / anxiety ....




Like with most things we have to hit a bottom and then become open-minded and willing.

You have said that right ;) .




Don't worry about the acceptance yet, that will come, just focus on the actions.

Oké, but sometimes I doubt if distractions helps me in the future not to feeling unreal.




When it hits you hard, instead of reacting, try sitting with it. Get still and allow yourself to feel the horrible, painful feelings. You will be surprised with how strong you are and what your body and mind can handle.

Okeeeeeee.... So, the best thing I can do is sitting down and let the fear comes over me...


Thanks a lot for the video !!!

So you must travel through the anxiety to be fully free of it... So you must trying to letting be the anxiety over you... And you demand for more anxiety.... It sounds a little bit strange...

But when you don't beating the fear, the fear will decrease... Something like this ???




I should explain that I believe DP/DR to be a (HUGE, debilitating, all encompassing, intense, and dysfunctional) symptom of anxiety/PTSD.

Yes, I understand. After a lot of years I know that this unreal feeling is a symptom of anxiety or a trauma.




Do not focus or feed the negative thoughts or even try to explore them.

I also have to learn to think positive... I have a lot of negative thoughts... :( .




Part of our healing process is to change our perceptions AND how we think.

Sooo, yeah, but it is so difficult to change our mind about depersonalisation. I have tried a lot of therapies, but it doesn't help...

I hope I can learn from you ;) .




We have to consciously motivate ourselves to focus on something else (something positive hopefully) like video games, a book, music, movies, a conversation with someone, the internet, the chat room here, ANYTHING.

When I am trying to distract myself, the depersonalisation is still there... :( ... So, this is so difficult for me, to believe in this distraction. But maybe I have still social anxiety and therefore I have still depersonalisation... ???

Now I am playing Candy Crush, hihi. Maybe this will help with the distraction, hihi.


You said: "Keep in mind we are NOT trying to push the negative thoughts away. That never works."

Oke, I understand. It is strange, but a psychologist said to me, that when I am trying NOT tho think about a pink elephant... you must THINK about a pink elephant. So, thus you must not try, not to think about depersonalisation / negative thoughts.


Yes, I understand. It feels impossible to focus on something else with the depersonalisation.

When I am thinking, that I think of something else, I still have depersonalisation... Can you still follow me :P :D ;) ?

It is so difficult to trying thinking of something else, when I am thinking it doesn't work to get out of the depersonalisation... :wacko: .


I hope you can support me ;) .


Thanks a lot !!!




Greeting from little star, from The Netherlands.