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nikki6788's Blog > Always Nobody

Posted 05 May 2013

i'm nothing to this world
nothing to this place
just a waste of time
just a waste of space
i'm an accident anyway
and not supposed to be
my parents got married
just because of me
all the time they fight
and it's always about money
every things too serious
nothing's ever funny
when things are going good
it's always just pretend
i'm alone in this...

nikki6788's Blog > A Living Corpse

Posted 05 May 2013

your soul is gone
when you can no longer feel
a walking body
you're not suppesed to be real
no emotions
just a blank face
in this lost world
in this lost place
you're practically dead
your heart is gone
as you slowly fade away
as you slowly float on
you are forever lost
and there's no way back
you just live your life
but life's what you lack
so your body's...

nikki6788's Blog > Because I live to Die

Posted 05 May 2013

as the years pass by
and time goes on
the world keeps turning
long after you're gone
why am i here
and what is my purpose
i'm drowning in questions
trying to reach the surface
every question answered
leaves new ones to come
a never ending circle
that makes my head numb
so i don't have to question
everything i see
but that's who i am
and i don't want to be...

nikki6788's Blog > Numb

Posted 05 May 2013

a fake smile everyday
lies are the only thing i say
a pretend life to everyone
only acting like i have fun
nothing in my life is real
no emotions, i cannot feel
i push it all down trying to hide
what i never want anyone ever to find
looking for someone different to be
but i'll never be able to find the real me