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Breath Awareness Technique

08 September 2019 - 02:50 AM

I just wanted to stop by and post this meditation technique. I saw someone asking about techniques earlier but cant find the thread.

Breath Awareness meditation can help a lot. 

Its simple- place your concious attention on the tip of your nose and just observe the breath coming and going. Dont follow it. if thoughts pull you away, just go back to the tip of the nose.

If you can do this everyday for 20-30 + minutes, you can start to develop the Insight needed to reconnect with your body and being. It can help greatly with DR especially.

Reconnect with the energy centers and Is-ness in your body, develop your mindfullness and insight. Reverse your concious attention inwards. 

Also i suffered just like most of you for close to twenty years. I'm an old poster on this site, this is just a new account.
I had DR for 15 + years, non stop. It can go away. Dive into it, completely.