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#606640 Does really distracting you from the feelings/thougts from DP cure it?

Posted by Sun Yata on 20 September 2019 - 02:14 PM

^ this is a great conversation, from 9:00-22:00 he describes the practice of transforming your inner pain. 

This is the practice i did daily for many years that transformed the DR symptoms in me. I feel it has the potential to help people here. Cheers


#606638 Breath Awareness Technique

Posted by Sun Yata on 20 September 2019 - 02:02 PM


This coversation is awesome, i've watched it a cuple times now and I feel it can be helpful for people here.


 from 9:00 untill 22:00 he describes the practice of transforming your inner pain.  This is the practice that reduced the DR feelings in me.

#606410 Does really distracting you from the feelings/thougts from DP cure it?

Posted by Sun Yata on 16 September 2019 - 12:00 PM

Only the people on here who have experienced chronic incapacitating DP can tell you how literally impossible it is to stop or alter the thinking patterns....


Anybody on here who has managed to "Think" their way out of DP has not had it in its chronic debilitating form....


The obsessive side to chronic DP is relentless and NO amount of positive thinking makes it go away...If that was the case DP wouldnt be an issue in any of our lives and we could just move along as if it never happened....That is simply not the case with this condition in its true chronic form...


Its basically the same as asking a person with schizophrenia to stop listening to the voices they are hearing...


I believe what you have actually experienced is your DP eased off with time...Which often happens for a certain group of sufferers...Of course they falsely believe that certain ways of thinking etc got them out of it...Thats just not the case...Not with true chronic incapacitating DP anyway...You CANNOT think your way out of true chronic DP...

I didnt think my way out of it, quite the opposite actually.
But having a positive mindset and positive thoughts did help the healing process along and got rid of a lot of inner conflict.

It was more meditation, yoga, mindfulness/embracing the internal pain energies and the moment that started to heal me. DR symptoms especially.

And yes I was chronic. It wrecked my life.  i spent years in a hospital unable to leave my bed, tried all their meds and even turned to shock therapy at one point out of desperation. 

But anyways i'm once again stepping away from this site as its not good for my health.

I Wish you well dude, i hope that you find the relief you're looking for. 


#606398 Does really distracting you from the feelings/thougts from DP cure it?

Posted by Sun Yata on 16 September 2019 - 03:24 AM

Yup....Thats gonna work alright.....NOT!!!


The very heart of DP revolves around the loss of the sense of self and the loss of recognition of your environment. and the loss of regular feelings attached with that environment..


Face your feelings???? Half of the people on here have NO feelings and even if they do they are all terrifying.......

Embrace the hurt???? None of us even know what hurt caused this in the first place...

There is no feeling or hurt with DP just sheer terror and confusion and not knowing what to believe in......


Please stop pep talking...Thats not a good thing to do for DP sufferers...


We want solid answers NOT hocus pocus fantastical suggestions......We are people who doubt...Solid answers and proven treatments are what we want to put our minds at ease.....We are all sick to death of pep talks and guess work..........


Oh and BTW...Its literally impossible to forget about DP...In case you havent noticed

Its not guess work though, I've put in thousands of hours of inner work over the last 5 years and it was a proven treatment for me.  I talked more about what helped me in the Breath Awareness Meditation thread. smile.png

I've lived that struggle to my man, for 20 + years.  i know the pain.  and i've got rid of alot of those symptoms.  If its not your cup of tea its all good, i'm sure theres a method/treatment out there that will suit you better,  I just came back to the forum to shed some light on what helped me. smile.png


#606096 Breath Awareness Technique

Posted by Sun Yata on 08 September 2019 - 06:59 PM

Wow that has helped dude thank you! It's never good to hear someone had chronic DP as I know how awful it is, but it always gives me hope when there is a recovery story from it, and I pay more attention to those! Yours is the 2nd recovery story I have heard use vipassana/breath meditation to recover from chronic, weed induced DP. 


So by insight/inner body awareness, you recommend focusing on the nose? Sorry, just to clarify by 'a long time' for it to take effect, do you mean weeks, months or years?


Interesting that you mention this. How does it though? I am unsure if the vagus nerve goes to the face/nose... I know it goes to the ears and larynx/pharynx.. Have always been unsure of how focusing on the nose stimulates it. 



It is awful and ruined the best years of my life.  How long have you been suffering?

It was a gradual fading of symptoms over months to years of practice. (i still practice daily) But I was dealing with more then just DR.. I was going through cold turkey Benzo and amphetimine withdrawl aswell. (was on those for 20 years).

focusing on the tip of the nose sharpened my concentration/Mindfulness.


 In time, it was like my concious attention became a one pointed-Laser, that could "Penetrate" or "Cut" deeper into reality.
So with that enhanced awareness came enhanced bodily awareness, thought awareness, emotional awareness and healing.  

I really feel like when it comes to healing DP/DR.. Its all about becoming mindful that you are exactly Who and Where you are supposed to be. And really embodying that feeling. 
Then Diving into/penetrating the painful energy of your symptoms with mindful compassion. 

#606074 Breath Awareness Technique

Posted by Sun Yata on 08 September 2019 - 12:45 PM

Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately meditation caused this issue for some people so it is a bit of a taboo topic here. I am open minded to it helping though, did you have chronic or intermittent DP for 20 years? What caused it? How long did you practice this meditation before it helped? Thanks again!

Chronic- debilitating- non stop
and it was caused by smoking a joint when i was 13.  I'm 31 now. 

I got pretty desperate about 5 or 6 years ago, got off all my meds and literally started meditating/doing yoga like a monk. Multiple hours a day.
Sometimes 4-5 hours +. 

It took quite a while to see the DR fade, I had to be persistent daily for a long time.   
Once I combined that breathing technique with Yoga I really started to see results. 

Imo developing your Insight/(Inner body awareness) is the key. 

My awareness was lost in viewing/labeling the outside world through compulsive thoughts. Which was causing the DR type symptoms. 

Once I developed the proper Insight, I retrained my awareness to rest in my inner-Being / energy centers and the dreamlike/unreal feelings started to fade.


Its possible to Repersonalize yourself. 

I hope this post helps. 


#606058 Breath Awareness Technique

Posted by Sun Yata on 08 September 2019 - 02:50 AM

I just wanted to stop by and post this meditation technique. I saw someone asking about techniques earlier but cant find the thread.

Breath Awareness meditation can help a lot. 

Its simple- place your concious attention on the tip of your nose and just observe the breath coming and going. Dont follow it. if thoughts pull you away, just go back to the tip of the nose.

If you can do this everyday for 20-30 + minutes, you can start to develop the Insight needed to reconnect with your body and being. It can help greatly with DR especially.

Reconnect with the energy centers and Is-ness in your body, develop your mindfullness and insight. Reverse your concious attention inwards. 

Also i suffered just like most of you for close to twenty years. I'm an old poster on this site, this is just a new account.
I had DR for 15 + years, non stop. It can go away. Dive into it, completely. 


#605430 Advice for recovering

Posted by Sun Yata on 25 August 2019 - 09:44 PM

Yoga Daily

Meditation Daily  (essential oils, Inscence)

Coffee Enema Daily

Liver Cleansing (Liver Flush)


Learn how to do Reiki on yourself (crystals help)

Cold Showers


practice Breath Awareness daily (tip of the nose, watch the breath) Build your concentration on the moment. Develop insight.

Prayer - Serenity Prayer daily

Fasting - Water Fast, Vegetable/Fruit Juice Fast (very powerful)

Limit pharmaceuticals if possible

No Fap (two- three weeks in and you will feel a differance energetically)

Connect with a Pet if you have trouble with socializing with humans


Have faith that you are exactly who and where your supposed to be always. Trust the universe. 

Read sacred texts

Clean- Keep your house clean always. outer reflects your inner. 

Juicing- Organic Vegetable/Fruit juices Daily (24-32 ounces) (Apples, Lemons, Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Turmeric, Pear, Watermelon, Beets, Carrots, Pineapple, Kale, Parsley, Cilantro) Any combination of these. Watch Dan the  life- regenerator on youtube. 

Rebuild you Gut Microbiome - The Gut is your second brain, healthy gut healthy mind and body. Probiotics, Prebiotics,  Digestive Enzymes. Foods like Saurkraut, Kimchi, Bone Broth, Blueberries/Banana Smoothies, Kefir) Cut out sugars, Processed foods, Limit or cut out Meat.

Eat Raw Organic living foods as much as possible

Practice Self Compassion



Just some tips from an old member of this site that decided to stop by.

You're exactly who and where your supposed to be and you're all


God Bless