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#285876 At my worst point

Posted by HashimKhan1 on 24 April 2013 - 06:32 PM

So ive had this for about 5 months now, and I seem to be at my worst part 



I dont know how I function, but i manage to do it (school, drive, etc.)

I feel trapped in my head 

feel like im not in control 

Feel as though Im the only human on earth and the rest are just robots

Emotionally numb 

When I see my mom, I knows its her but from some reason I jus question it 

I get up a lot at night 


things dont seem real 

When I remember something it seems as though its programed in my brain and not my actually knowing it

I feel alone, even though there are people around me

I have the fear that i'm going insane

For some reason I have a repeated though of Im inside/ a body 

I have the thought that I dont know whats going insides people's heads


So I went to the doc. and he said this was all anxiety. He gave me Celexa and told me off. I brought up depersonalization disorder to him, he knew what it was and said that it was a symptom of anxiety. I tried Celexa for a day, made my anxiety 10 times worse which made my dp 100 times worse, and now I'm at my worst point. I have been running for the pst couple days, because people always say that exercise helps. I dont think that I am going to take any more meds for a while, at least not until summer. Being a college student with DP sucks so much. I wanted to know if there were any natural ways to cure my anxiety as well as my dp. Do you think that after you reach you're worst point recovery starts. Ive had my share of up and down days but this is definitely the worst. Can anyone relate to my symptoms, I know the I dont know what people are thinking one is kind of strange. This has been the worst 5 months in my life. When I think of the past, Its almost as though I feel that I have always had dp, I mean everything physically is the same.  I dont remember how to me normal. Any positive words of advice will be appreciated on how to beat this 



#280836 Depersonalization From Marijuana

Posted by HashimKhan1 on 24 February 2013 - 06:12 PM

exactly like me, did you feel ok in that week, because I did, and then I smoked hookah with some friends around 2 AM and I had a panic attack which lead to me feeling spaced out, questioning everything for 3 months.. I still have it, has it gotten better for you?