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#363491 I have recovered from this twice, anyone need advice drop me a line.

Posted by louisedge123 on 08 January 2016 - 03:45 AM

Tips on overcoming it? It seems impossible. Such a viscous cycle.

I was in the visous cycle for a while. The biggest problem i had is when i noticed that i was starting to come out of it i would fear anxiety. I would essentially fear..FEAR. That is a visious cyle that one needs to break and will only do so with failure. All success comes with a dark past. You have to learn to really FEEL the anxiety and not scare away from it, as well as symptoms of DP/DR... it is not easy and it is a process you will fail along the way accept that. I can give you a website that explains really how to beat all anxiety created by yourself andd false danger....http://www.anxietyco...ire-weekes.html

That is essentially all the is to it honestly. Like i aid it takes time and practise but once you have learnt the way you wil be free.

#363489 I have recovered from this twice, anyone need advice drop me a line.

Posted by louisedge123 on 08 January 2016 - 03:37 AM

Hi, nice to know you recovered! :)


Just 3 questions.


1.How long did it last?

2.What caused it?

3.What did you do to recover?



i have had it for a year by doing MDMA, smoking weed and drinking a lot. I took my anxiety levels over the edge.
I didnt feel dp'd for about 2 years...
I then had it for about 4 months because i did coke and yet again i was super anxious aorund that period.

I didn't feel DP'd for about 2 years again....

i have it now from MDMA, smoking weed and drinking a lot  ....again LOL i don't mind though.

I'm sure we can agree MDMA, along with anxiety creating substances like alcohol and weed definitely all came together to give me DP everytime.

The first year i got DP of course it was new to me, i gave up alcohol, all drugs, cigarettes, junk food...everything bad and starting working out everyday..mostly cardio.
After the year of well pretty much sobriety apart from the occasional one night out, i felt great and probably the best i have ever felt i had lost a shit load of weight without even realising, my clarity and concentration was undescribable, my reputation was A LOT BETTER because of abstaining from alcohol. IT WAS GREAT.

Well the second time round i didn't abstain from alcohol, infact i drunk a lot and was pretty darn DP'd throughout most days but still i realied oh there is the clarity and super contrasted vision coming back i guess it is going...yee then i forgot about it.

This time round i am DP'd right now, but i almost in a way made myself DP'd because it is the only thing that will stop me from drinking every night and puts my life right back on track on the healthy side of things. So yeh call me weird for self inducing it by doing MDMA and smoking weed, but that first year was a true sparkle of a year for me. I came out of it healthy as can be, fit, a really healthy good looking phyique and a just generally a really good person with a good reputation who is driven so... yeeh 

could write for a long time.

Get to the gym or outside what ever it may be, get on with life, face your fear....this WILL NOT last. Trust me :)

#278793 anyone into live music? actual living ;)

Posted by louisedge123 on 27 January 2013 - 06:10 PM

anyone in London or brighton 


my band has got 2 (Worth it) shows coming up ;)


London - The Bedford - 18th March         (http://www.thebedford.co.uk/Music.aspx)


Brighton - Lates music bar - E.P Launch - 28th february     (http://thelatest.co.uk/musicbar/)




scrappy old video but you will get the idea         ()


take note of the lyrics in the chorus as well this might help when you feel panicy outside. aha :)

#277459 eliminating anxiety the root of my DP/DR

Posted by louisedge123 on 10 January 2013 - 07:34 PM

Face all your fears and adrenalin using the Floating technique to take away the disorder part of anxiety.


"You don't really have to learn to float. A block of wood can float, and so can a person. What you might have to learn is how to not get in your own way, how to simply let floating happen."

that is the hardest part of it all, letting floating happen and that is what you will have to practise in order to beat your anxiety/DP/DR/fears/anything anxiety related.

Too float you need to face all your fears and adrenalin head on and ride the anxiety not run away from it.

You might notice yourself feel the adrenalin coming and tense up, that is what needs changing.

you need to ride the fear, and don't pull out at the last minute.

simple but in my case this has been habit for about 10-11 months now and it is hard to break, you become uncomfortably comfortable and that is not the life i wish to lead and i'm sure none of you do. so i decided to face just about everything i feared (especially anxiety itself) in one go, and so can you !

feel free to ask any questions about the subject as i am still working on this way of dealing with anxiety and i know when it is done right i can experience next to nothing anxiety.


#277206 The Two things that Cured Me.

Posted by louisedge123 on 08 January 2013 - 01:39 PM

same situation


This explains what i am saying in a different sort of way and it will help you BIG TIME, trust me.


#277107 The Two things that Cured Me.

Posted by louisedge123 on 07 January 2013 - 08:10 PM

Not fearing anxiety <--- The big one.

Not fearing anxiety meant basically no anxiety for me.

You should practise it if you have an anxiety disorder, because it does take practise.

i discovered that my habit of fearing fear/anxiety was exactly what i was doing the whole time to keep me in the DP/DR state, and to keep my anxiety on a constant level.

i now experience anxiety, say on a scale of 100 hmmm ... 3 .... probably even 2

also knowing and accepting that all these symptoms are simply anxiety.

SIMPLE ....aha easier said than done it does take practise and bollocks :) x

#276438 Trust in this and try it

Posted by louisedge123 on 01 January 2013 - 11:06 PM

You have to trust in yourself for any of this to work.

Don't try and rid yourself of DP/DR.

Don't try and rid yourself of anxiety.

Don't try and get rid of intruding thoughts.

Don't avoid anxiety.

Don't be afraid of anxiety.

JUST don't do anything !

let go of your tension and coast.

give it a bit and see how you feel.

#274423 depersonalization and its PEAK

Posted by louisedge123 on 15 December 2012 - 07:24 PM

Another thing i would like to point out is ... that everytime i have depersonalization .

it will always reach its peak before turning around ... and i mean every time, i don't know if this happens to other people alot but i have heard quite a few people say that it gets worse before it gets better and i am certainly one of those that gets this.

it is the same as a cut on your arm or any wound.

it did take me a few times to grasp the idea that when it was getting worse it was not getting worse for long it just meant that i am going to peak anytime in the next few days or weeks.

Survival Secret: it gets worse before better, try not to panic.

It's going to get harder before it gets easier but it will get better, you have to make it through the hard stuff first.

trust me.

love to you all ... life is a journey and a half as i say lol xxxxxx


Posted by louisedge123 on 11 December 2012 - 08:42 PM


Well to enjoy the feeling is sure a unique way to put a positive spin on something that feels like a living hell. But I understand where you are coming from. I guess it's a way to dimish it in your mind so that it doesn't scare you as much. I'm willing to give it a try.

Skynet if you try and lap this feeling up in the weirdest ways possible, it will not last long....

an example ....

your arms feel really detached .... watch them and think well i don't have to think about what im doing because it is like someone else is doing it for me. Being on auto-pilot may suck but fuck it..... your mind is getting a rest... it is nice !!

if you look at your hands and instantly start to get an anxious feeling DO NOT fight that anxiety.. never. ever.. FEAR THE FEAR !!! let the anxiety do what the fuck it wants to do !!

you will find anxiety will not bother you if you let it do its thing when it needs to do it.

another thing people hate is the feeling of being invisible ... mostly in the face, or the sensation of being out side of your body.....whatever,
i don't like the feeling at all but i have learnt to use it to its best !!! i have bad social anxiety ..with DP none of that bullshit, i am seriously confident .. i can look people in the eye and confront anyone i wouldn't normally be able to. i can play music confidently infront of how ever many people i want and i will not get phased.

i am using depersonalisation as a defence which is what it is, this is why with me i only have these symptoms for maybe a month ...2 at the most .. then anxiety and fear and bad habits seem to kick in when i come to recovery for some reason which is what im working on now.. but you need to relapse to learn. that's the trick.

what else could i go on about.

o yeah the 2D life haha this doesn't effect me or bother me in any way... and it shouldn't for you.

that's enough blabbing.

Just use it man !

it is there


Posted by louisedge123 on 08 December 2012 - 03:15 PM


NEVER FEAR THE FEAR .. you will get yourself in a dark and evil cave of anxiety... TRUST ME

this is actually called phobaphobia and people with depersonalisation seem to aquire this very easily.


you will not win the fight... put your boxing gloves down and give up.

o and relax .... it's only temporary .....

listen to this



#269151 Relapse .... and recovery

Posted by louisedge123 on 20 October 2012 - 08:18 AM

I have posted a couple times on this website but i rarely come on here because it is full of people who worry excessively and are very negative which use to send a surge of adrenalin into my body making my face fluster with heat making me instantly sweaty and nervous every time i read about someone having this for 15 years etc...etc and i'm sure that happens to you !!

There was a time that all this happened.... NOT ANYMORE.

I have literally been through hell this year starting from last year around christmas with a wide variety of symptoms all leading back to my prior drug use.. pretty fucking common ey... who ever said drugs were bad aha. Well this depersonalisation and derealisation thing took me by storm and has gone from being the worst thing i could ever imagine my life to be like to actually being a sort o friend no matter how much i dislike the symptoms.

I'm sure you have read many stories of how to recover ...
  • The DP/DR Holy grail - I found this pretty use full and it helped a lot .. apart from i did not take the don't do drugs again part right at the bottom of the DON"T DO section right after i recovered the first time lol !!! o the regrets.
  • A lot of recovery stories people on this website - very help full .. thank you !!

the point is i have recovered around 7 - 8 times now and it has always come down to the fear/worry that has always brought it back.

I am depersonalised right this moment i type this ,i relapsed maybe a week ago but i now completely understand these symptoms and really don't mind having them because i know why they are there. It took me a few relapses to get to this point where i completely understand everything about why i feel like this so DO NOT worry if you relapse it is just another learning curve. trust !!

FEAR AND EXCESSIVE WORRY !! that is all it is !!! your mind needs to chill the fuck out. LET IT !!!

if you feel brain dead let it be make the most of having that numbness because it won't last long !!!
that numb feeling is your bodys way of chilling you out, trust in it and let it be.

The first time round weird to say but i smoked weed and drunk quite a bit of alcohol and still recovered in about 2 months i do not know how i just recovered ... !!

these days i don't touch weed, fags or alcohol because i no it makes anxiety a whole lot more of a problem with this temporary beast.

but any way.... don't pay those symptoms any more mind please !!!!

BY FAR THE MOST HELP FULL THING I HAVE READ .............. http://panicend.com/de.html


good luck !!!

feel free to ask me anything about it !!


#259207 cured 3 times in 6 months

Posted by louisedge123 on 17 June 2012 - 05:24 AM



i acquired this weird weird perception of life at christmas when i went home to see my dad... i drank every day (Not a normal amount), did MDMA and smoked a lot of weed. I felt the stress on my mind all of those two weeks i was doing this to myself but i did not really think any thing of it until...........ONE NIGHT night aha i thought i was going to dye because of weird feeling throughout my body .. obviously drink and weed caused major anxiety and stress levels out of this world, I have always had anxiety but i never took any of the warning signs and drink and weed slapped me on the ass .. i feel silly now. Any way first 2 months of having this life consuming black hole... i researched continuously and found THE HOLY GRAIL OF CURING DP/DR.... which actually gave me tremendous hope... i then started the no drinking, no weed, exercise and healthy foods and they all worked in curing me... any way i was cured but i was not very knockledgable about this condition soooooo i had a hit from bong...... woooooopsss ... felt like i was tripping ... aha DP/DR again .... but a little worse this time. I then left for canada where i went skiing, exercised and still kept on eating healthy foods ... i was the most stress full holiday i have ever been on and life was a blur... any way came home then started feeling normal again i think change in environment worked very well in curing...... that week my friend came back from Australia, got really really really drunk... and i mean really really drunk... obviously woke up with that horrible stress full hang over anxiety ............ went to bed stress stress stress racing thoughts stress stress ...... DP/DR back again third time ey all in about 4 months about this point. carried on going and going even though i know i had relapsed....... it then got really sunny for a bit so i went swimming at the beach and was around a lot of friends and happy environment for a lot of the time, bought a new bike to get fit....... straight to the point .....cured a month later A MONTH THAT"S ALL IT TOOK ..... i say cured maybe not fully cured at the month point but i was feeling pretty normal ...... started drinking again every 2-3 days ...... i woke up worrying would it come back,, went around my day worrying about would it come back, doing reality checks (Not a good thing to do and get in the habit of), going to bed worrying if it would come back.... guess bloody what aha ......... and now here i am again trying to stay positive.. i am in a lot of bands at the moment and doing a lot of gigging this helps a lot because in that 30 mins of playing there is nothing running your mind apart from what you are doing and it is good to live for those 30 mins ha!

and trust me my DP/DR is baddddddd !!

What i don't understand is how people can keep the fire burning for years .... JUST GIVE UP TOTALLY........ literally say to yourself LIFE IS SHIT AND IT LET LIFE THROW ROCKS AT YOU JUST KEEP ON WALKING .... it actually works if you keep this mind set.


DO !!



A WEIRD ONE .. i always found i could do things i could never do before like have no anxiety when speaking to people or groups of people and no stage fright with the added bonus i didn't care what people thought about me. This is probably because people look like they have no minds aha but use it to your advantage !