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In Topic: I have recovered from this twice, anyone need advice drop me a line.

09 January 2016 - 02:02 PM

arent all the other symptoms a nightmare for you though? dont they affect other areas of your life like work?

Well sometimes i think oh my vision is all messed up, but i dunno it almost motivates me. I am a self destructive person because i like having to work my way back up the slope, and in the case of DP i have done it a few times and everytime i found the journey of it was the best thing ever for my overall health including confidence and achievment. It definitely does not affect my work and honestly, it actually motivates me...every time. When i am DP/DR/HPPD free i am completely selfish and i drink everyday A LOT and spend A LOT of money. When i have DP etc. i am healthy, clean, i work harder in my career, i don't spend copious amounts of money and i am a better person in general. So yeh...some might say that is odd wanting that kinda thing but i enjoy the journey..it is a challenge i happily accept.

In Topic: I have recovered from this twice, anyone need advice drop me a line.

08 January 2016 - 03:45 AM

Tips on overcoming it? It seems impossible. Such a viscous cycle.

I was in the visous cycle for a while. The biggest problem i had is when i noticed that i was starting to come out of it i would fear anxiety. I would essentially fear..FEAR. That is a visious cyle that one needs to break and will only do so with failure. All success comes with a dark past. You have to learn to really FEEL the anxiety and not scare away from it, as well as symptoms of DP/DR... it is not easy and it is a process you will fail along the way accept that. I can give you a website that explains really how to beat all anxiety created by yourself andd false danger....http://www.anxietyco...ire-weekes.html

That is essentially all the is to it honestly. Like i aid it takes time and practise but once you have learnt the way you wil be free.

In Topic: I have recovered from this twice, anyone need advice drop me a line.

08 January 2016 - 03:37 AM

Hi, nice to know you recovered! :)


Just 3 questions.


1.How long did it last?

2.What caused it?

3.What did you do to recover?



i have had it for a year by doing MDMA, smoking weed and drinking a lot. I took my anxiety levels over the edge.
I didnt feel dp'd for about 2 years...
I then had it for about 4 months because i did coke and yet again i was super anxious aorund that period.

I didn't feel DP'd for about 2 years again....

i have it now from MDMA, smoking weed and drinking a lot  ....again LOL i don't mind though.

I'm sure we can agree MDMA, along with anxiety creating substances like alcohol and weed definitely all came together to give me DP everytime.

The first year i got DP of course it was new to me, i gave up alcohol, all drugs, cigarettes, junk food...everything bad and starting working out everyday..mostly cardio.
After the year of well pretty much sobriety apart from the occasional one night out, i felt great and probably the best i have ever felt i had lost a shit load of weight without even realising, my clarity and concentration was undescribable, my reputation was A LOT BETTER because of abstaining from alcohol. IT WAS GREAT.

Well the second time round i didn't abstain from alcohol, infact i drunk a lot and was pretty darn DP'd throughout most days but still i realied oh there is the clarity and super contrasted vision coming back i guess it is going...yee then i forgot about it.

This time round i am DP'd right now, but i almost in a way made myself DP'd because it is the only thing that will stop me from drinking every night and puts my life right back on track on the healthy side of things. So yeh call me weird for self inducing it by doing MDMA and smoking weed, but that first year was a true sparkle of a year for me. I came out of it healthy as can be, fit, a really healthy good looking phyique and a just generally a really good person with a good reputation who is driven so... yeeh 

could write for a long time.

Get to the gym or outside what ever it may be, get on with life, face your fear....this WILL NOT last. Trust me :)

In Topic: I have recovered from this twice, anyone need advice drop me a line.

08 January 2016 - 03:22 AM

sorry guys i completely forget about this website sometimes, then i remember and think oh shit i made a post and feel bad then.


26 September 2015 - 05:55 PM

i have added you guys on facebook. 


Hello. Can you please tell us in this post the following?


1-Exercise? What kind of exercise? How often a week?

2- Diet? What did you eat and what is it that you did not eat?

3-Mind set?

4- Alcohol drinking?



Exercise: I did it everyday, I mostly ran on a treadmill because i like the regiment feeling of running with people i didn't really know alongside me at the gym a bit like robots. I would run for about 20 mins at the first, then by the end of about month 5 - 6 i was running at a pretty good pace for about 50 minutes. I would just stare and say to myself 'you got yourself into this now you get yourself out of this'. Exercise will make you feel like you have direction, and not only that it made me look amazingly healthy and loose a lot of weight.

Diet: Just think like someone on a normal diet. Cut out all caffeine (if you can). Do not drink fizzy drinks like Coca cola. Stick to good natural foods like chicken stir fry, salmon with wholegrain rice and veg, whole grain pasta with tuna and lloyd Grossman sauce (UK), breakfast i would eat something like wholegrain oats with blueberries and cinnamon sprinkled on it and I would drink a lot of water. I can remember every time i would feel hungry when about the town i would buy things like mixed fruit pots and a smoothie with added vitamins, instead of a sandwich and crisps. Just go on an all natural diet, like you would if you were losing weight and at the gym.

Mind set: You truly have to not mind the presence of DP/DR, and just forget about it. At intervals you will think fucking hell why am i so numb and bloody hell now my vision is all messed up, even though i completely forgot about it...but you have to just let that go and think fuck it. Sounds easy,but may take a while to adopt that mind set, because you are accepting what you might think be for life you are in fact ridding of it, it is one whole paradox. The chinese finger trap, sinking sand..you know.....the more you struggle the more you will lose the fight.

Alcohol: Well I see people on here that say it makes you condition worse, yes it does temporarily, the day after is a bit of a numb, detached craziness, feeling absolutely nothing day. But it goes. On my last episode which lasted 4 months after taking drugs because i completely forgot about DP/DR i had in the past, i drank through the whole of it, yes it made it quite a task to keep the mind set as i have mentioned above (not giving a fuck about it)... i still came out the other end.  

Just do not take drugs for god sake. That is the one that'll fuck you up.