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St John's Wort and 5-HTP

21 September 2013 - 12:06 PM

Thoughts or experiences on either of these?

Some Shiny New Glasses

19 September 2013 - 09:17 PM

So this probably isn't relevant to many people here, but I'll post it anyway just for the sake of completeness.


I don't suffer from dp/dr very much anymore but I still do get some vision issues. The visual symptoms have always been attributed to dp/dr or anxiety or something psychological.



- Blurriness (eyes are 20/20 though)

- Difficulty looking at computer screens

- Light reflecting oddly off of things

- General overwhelming of the visual system


I have since been prescribed prism lenses as my eyes don't quite line up the same; these have helped tremendously!

I am now entering vision therapy, in an attempt to correct the remaining issues.


My point being: Although many people here wish to attribute every symptom to depersonalization. I see that a lot here. It is worth looking into other illnesses. Not to the point of obsession, but to be aware.

A Database

17 September 2013 - 06:06 AM

I am interested in creating an archive of all of the medication, treatments and therapies tried by people with dp. (eventually expanding to other illnesses)


The idea being: Upon starting a new treatment, you enter some information into a database, a bunch of technical stuff will happen... and then we will hopefully obtain some useful data and statistics regarding treatments.


I would like to create a library of sorts with useful crowdsourced data. If enough people used it, we could generate some useful reports regarding the usefulness of different approaches and many many other things. It could also retain peoples independent experiences. I believe a forum is great for collaboration and discussion but lacks the capabilities to  sufficiently store the knowledge we gain.


If anyone has any development skills or anything that could help this project, please pm me.



I would like to quantify all of it.

Regaining The Flow Of Life

04 September 2013 - 08:59 AM

This has been pointed out in numerous threads, and I believe is a pillar for anyone's recovery, but I just want to reiterate it. I also want to take this chance to state my thoughts on depersonalization and the reasons for some of the symptoms.


One of the worst things about DP is how fragmented your life feels. That effortless flow that once carried you through each day is now gone, leaving only fear and confusion. What at one time was a simple task, now requires everything you have, and even then, you are left feeling exhausted. Your mind once danced freely but it is now a prisoner, forced into analyzing each and every moment.


I want to emphasize how important thought pattern is to your life. Every time you do something and think "this doesn't feel right" or "why am I like this," you are doing two things:


1. You are tiring out your mind. Instead of just going on "auto-pilot" like you used to, you are now analyzing everything that you do, questioning every thought that you have. This is extremely exhausting.


2. You are reaffirming negative things about yourself. You are constantly telling yourself you don't feel right. Doing this all day every day is solidifying that in your mind.


Now, what are the symptoms of a tired mind?


- Inability to focus

- Memory lapses

- Learning difficulties

- Reasoning problems

- and if your mind is really tired -- Blank Mind


Many of you attribute the above to DP, but they are in fact symptoms of burnout. Your mind is tired of thinking about DP, it's tired of researching it, and it's tired of you forcing it to think the same thoughts all day. How often do you let your mind wander, before you snatch it back to question reality?


This is why distraction is so important. You need to let your mind just be.

Some people meditate, others have hobbies, others just bury themselves in a book. Whatever your thing is, you need to quiet your mind. Your mental retardation isn't due to DP it is due to your obsessiveness with feeling normal. If you can allow yourself to do things without thought or criticism, you will come a long way in regaining your mental facilities.


What happens when you think negative thoughts?


Well, similar to the placebo effect, you will begin to feel and believe them. Even if a "normal" person were to get up everyday and tell themselves "I feel awful, and nothing seems real" you would notice a change in them.


The Fix


DP is as much a thought disorder as it is anything else. Every time you catch yourself thinking about how unreal or how terrible things are, you need to counter it. Yes, positive reaffirmation does work.


You just need to let your mind be and stop analyzing each and every molecule in the world. It will snowball.

After you stop thinking constantly, your mind will come back in it's sharpness. Once your mind is sharp as a tack, you will be able to think concisely. Once you are no longer thinking anxiously, your anxiety will decrease. Once the anxiety has decreased, the DP will decrease.


This is the general blueprint for feeling well again. However, it does not include all of the intricacies, as they are all stated in other threads.


I want to close with my thoughts on emotional abuse and DP...


Most cases of DP have a trigger (drugs, etc), while others creep up more slowly. I think all DP sufferers have a predisposition that stems from their style of conflict resolution. Their response is to retreat into themselves during conflict and have a tendency to bottle up emotions. This is probably why you have DP from your trigger whereas someone else may just have GAD or nothing at all.


HOWEVER, I think this can be learned or innate. Your environment while growing up might have been emotionally lacking, but it might have been perfect. Emotional abuse is not a requirement for DP. It may be a factor, but it is just one of many.



Sleep Poll

02 September 2013 - 07:01 AM

A poll about sleep.