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The feeling of Being Unreal.

27 February 2012 - 10:38 AM

Okay, so I know this is Dp/Dr, i do have my doubts of myself sometimes, but that's nothing new, right? haha. But anyways I was thinking of that moment when you feel like you have completely lost yourself, and disappeared, right? That feeling that hits you that you think "i feel so unreal..." I know its hard to explain, but i need some help describing this. Does anyone know how to explain this more then me, its like no matter how much i try i get nothing, can't explain it. For me it happens when i notice myself or I'm alone, or even sometimes when I'm near people. Kind of like you forget who you are or exist? I don't know... So tell me how you explain it. Pleasse!

P.s. Go into detail if you can, like how it starts to happen and what causes it for you, like certain situations or anything! I'd like to know, thank you! (: