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In Topic: Parasites, root of all ilness?

24 June 2018 - 04:13 PM

In my opinion parasites and acidity definitely play in role with your mental health. 


When detoxifying the body, you need to make sure you are using organic natural herbs and supplements, I haven't heard of the one you mentioned but I assume you are happy with the ingredients, because harsh chemicals, refined sugars and bulking agents could prevent the best outcomes. 


I myself went to a homeopath who did a finger prick test to show me my blood on a screen, to then determine if I had parasites or not. I think a screening is beneficial, as it takes a minute and would determine how much of a issue it is for you. 


Tackling candida works well alongside parasite cleansing as it would help restore the good gut bacteria and lessen acidity levels. I'd recommend taking a good probiotic supplement too.