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In Topic: Driving a car with DPDR

06 March 2012 - 05:50 PM

I drive perfectly well, I've been covering 25-50 miles a day every weekday, more or less, for the last few weeks and have not had any close shaves or the like. I guess if I felt unwell behind the wheel I would do the same as anyone else, DP sufferer or not, who felt unwell behind the wheel and pull over in an appropriate place and put my hazard warning lights on.

I find driving very easy and rewarding, it's certainly a nice change from having to rely on other people or public transport to get around.

In Topic: Do you spend ages just staring into space?

03 March 2012 - 04:45 PM

I seem to do this for 80% of my day. I have no motivation to do f*ck all, and my mind is empty. If I try to do anything productive I find I cant.

Is this a normal symptom of DPD?

Not for ages, no, but I will sometimes catch myself staring into space and realise I had been sort of lost in my thoughts; and yes, that is caused by dissociation.

In Topic: Your opinions.. Does DR/DP ever really 'go'?

26 February 2012 - 07:18 AM

I am not disputing people have recovered but believe the altered visual state doesn't go, you simply become familiar with it and this what we term recovery.

Well, you can believe what you like, but my DP, and all that came with it, went away for 5 years. I barely remembered having DP, it was as though that chapter of my life had never happened.

In Topic: Kozman the racist Hurrasing a jewish person in chat.

24 February 2012 - 09:17 AM

Well, you're going to get people with interesting views, lefties and righties. The only thing we all have in common is that we suffer from DP to such an extent that it has bothered us enough to seek out help, beyond that we are different. I keep my political views to myself on here because it would just distract from what I am here for, but if you start talking politics be prepared to be offended/shocked (this is teh internets and we are all, more or less, anonymous so....).

In Topic: Symptoms

22 February 2012 - 01:22 PM

I have two symptoms that really makes me worried. First is my memory, it -feels- like it's getting worse. Mainly I base this on that I have a hard time recalling what I did a night before, it feels so distant somehow, I remember but it just feels like there is something blocking it. Can't really explain it but it's really making me anxious. Whenever I try to remember something from a day or two days back I get this "block" and I go into instant anxiety panic mode.

The second symptom is that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night shaking, unable to move my body or in utter fear. I did this last night and it felt like electricity was coursing through my body making me shake. I might have dreamt this but I don't know, I do experience it from time to time.

So today I woke up tired, sad, depressed and hypocondirac. Shitty day a head of me.

These things makes me so damn worried about brain tumors, jacob creutzfelt disease and such.

I've done small memory games and IQ test that shows no impairment I actually got 119 on the mensa online test so I doubt my brain is decaying but I'm not certain.

Why do I experience this? Stress, depression, DP, anxiety? :(

I can relate to the, "What on Earth did I do last night?" feeling, but if it is just regular DP/anxiety that is the cause then you should remember in the end. As for the electricity thing? Do you mean you had that hypnic jerk thing or sleep paralysis?

JCD is very rare, brain tumours are pretty rare and it is likely that this is just anxiety/DP. See your Doctor when possible though.