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17 July 2011 - 04:41 AM

Hello dpselfhelp, im trying to fuigure out if im diagnosed, ive been having simalir kind of symtoms of DP, but only when im stoned, when im sober im pretty much the same person, but when im baked my mind just goes blank like i have nothing to say, and i go pale, like i remember 3 years ago when i first started blazing i was the funniest kid ever so full of life, im still like that when im sober, its just when i start blazing with my buddys i get all quiet, im tired of being this queit little bitch i want to be myself again now wtf happend, do i honestly have to stop blazing just to be myself?! !!!

does anybody only get affected by this so called "DP" when your stoned? and your fine when your sober?