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current theorys

24 January 2011 - 09:27 PM

I thought I would comprise all of my most recent theorys for easer access and for people here to go over and discuss.

the dopamine, acetylcholine theory. There is mounting evidence that these two neurochemicals might be low in us. Time and time again scicentific reserch has showed us that Dopamine a fundamental for us feeling pleasure, reward, to feel motivated, to have a healthy libido, for attenial and short term memory processes.
I and almost every one I have talked to with DP that has tried adderall have got temperary but big improvments in many symtoms from this stimulent, which many works to raise dopamine.
acetylcholine, is nesary for lng term memory and memory recall. acetylcholine boosters are generaly the first line treatment in alzhimerz desise and many of these patients also complain of weird visual phenomenon.

Over production of dynorphan theory. Dynorphan is the endogenius neuropeptide that activates K opioid receptors.
when these receptors are activated they stop the transmission of dopamine and cause DP/DR like symtoms. Dynorphan has been shown to rise in both high anxiety states and from anministration of THC to people.

Calcium channels theory, high anxiety, THC, PCP and lyme disease have all been known to close calcium channels. all of these things have caused DP in people.It is nesary for the calcium channels to open when they are needed to let calcium ions flow into neurons to help relese neurochemicals. with out an action potential can not compleate it's tranmission accross a synaptic gap.

nitric oxide theory, nitric oxide is known to raise in the brain during extreamly stressful or anxiety provoking events in our lives, some neuro scientists even think it might be the main cause for panic attacts. nitric oxide adminstration to people has shown to induce DP like symtoms. Mice with a nitric oxide producing gene deleation showed significantly less effects to THC then one's that did not.

REM sleep theory. It would seem that many people with DP don't get much REM sleep or when they do it is rebounded rem, meaning that for along time the mind doesn't get it but then one night sling shots it with a ton of it for catch up. Possible imbalences in this could lead us to feeling Dreamy or in our semi conscious state we are in every day.

Sleep studdy

23 January 2011 - 12:40 AM

Just had a sleep study done last night and some very interesting reults came form it. my sleep was VERY VERY fragmented and I had no REM sleep. The neurologists that performed my study thought it was very odd because although that have seen fragmented sleep they had never seen it to such an extent and also having NO REM is very strange as well and useally only seen in the very elderly.

Has anyone els had a sleep study here and did it have similar results?

There might actually be a link here and for anyone that has not had one done I highly recomend it.

from a therapy stand point

18 January 2011 - 04:03 AM

I was wondering from a psychological therpy stand point what more I can do to get rid of my DP/DR. I've already killed all anxiety, I know that may be hard to believe for some of you but it's true I don't feel anxiety at all anymore and havn't for 7 months. I also am not a philosophical thinker I don't question my exsitence infact I'm really the oposite every day I'm telling my self this is just a chemical imbalence and the reality I see before me is real and I'm not in another dimension or anything like that. Also my DP was brought on by drugs not child hood trauma or PTSD, so I'm not constantly thinking about horrible things in my past either.
So please if any of you have any sugestions for getting past this point help me out. Also I would like to know if there's anyone out there on this board that is just like me and has beaten there anxiety but this stuborn thing just dosn't let up for them. What more psychological methods can be used people. there's got to be more tricks in the book.

Spinal tap?

17 January 2011 - 09:45 PM

Has any one had a spinal tap for this? I know this is not a commonly done medical procedure in neurology but if you ask for it, it can be done. With a spinal tap you can get some insight as to which chemicals are to low or to high in your brain. I would highly recomend it to anyone who hasn't got one. Any information we can arm our selves with in beating this is a good and helpful tool.


17 January 2011 - 10:30 AM

Have any of you noticed that you don't yawn since having DP or atleast not naturaly. like maybe you can force a yawn but it just dosn't come on by it self?