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#219368 Sleep studdy

Posted by scienceguy on 25 January 2011 - 10:52 AM

Until DR I always slept very well and had a problem of not being able to stay awake late if I wanted to – it was impossible (fall asleep sitting). I’d try a couple triple espressos and it made no difference. Even excersize and run around - but within minutes of stopping, I'd start falling asleep.

Once DR started, alternated between way too much sleeping and bouts of insomnia. It’s a little better now but still a problem.

When starting Gabapentin, dreams greatly increased – usually vivid and somewhat startling. Over time this went away until I cut the dose down. If I stop all together, there is fitful anxiety and inability to sleep – but the anxiety is only at night.

Once I started using Sinemet, I can sleep (unless in an insomnia phase) or stay awake at will.

Yea I'm the same I constantly am flucuating between long periods of sleep and periods of insomnia it's imposible to keep a steady scdule because I have almost no recolection of time.

Tell me when you got your DR but before you started the gabapetin did you have dreams when you slept? And how would you say your better sleep with more dreams has aided in your recovery?

#218902 parts of the brain in DP

Posted by scienceguy on 21 January 2011 - 01:23 AM

do you think seeing a neurologist is any good?

Only if the neurologist is famliar with DP/DR or temporal lobe/parietal lobe brain dissorders. which most of them are not. I was a student in neurology for 5 years and I can tell you we never touched on anything about DP/DR and very rarely were any of the subjects about the temporal lobe or parietal lobes. unfornuatly most reserch being done on the brain now focuses on only the frontal regions of the brain.

#218824 parts of the brain in DP

Posted by scienceguy on 20 January 2011 - 03:30 AM

Ok it's time people can rest a little easier with an understanding of what this is. So here I'm going to explain the best I can as to whats going on here in this disorder.

first of all we have decreased hippocampal functioning this means that basicaly our short term memory is shot, as well as some recall and thinking abiltys.
next it apears that we have an underactive amydala, this will effect our abilty to learn as well as make us so that we are very hard to arouse from any stimuly, although I have to point out some people might have spikes of hyperactivation in the amydala still giving way to anxiety.
next our basal ganglia is messed up so this means that we're as a whole are going to be very emotionless and might have some acompaning moter difficultys along with this.
next we have over active parietal lobes this gives rise probably the most clasical sysmtoms of DP they are, difficulty in reading maps, getting lost easily, Poor spatial processing, Bad visual guidance, problems in Calculation and writing.
And Finaly we have an underactive right temporal lobe, this will cause problems in long term memory and decreases in apreciation for audio or visual stimuly such as a beutiful day or one of your favorite songs. Also this will bring our creativty and imagination to almost zero.

So there you have it our mental condintion in a nut shell. this is not something to fear people, this is just a chemical imbalence gone very wrong in several brain areas. If you look them up you can confirm ever symtom I tell you comes from this. We are not ghosts or walking dead or in another dimension, so just get that out of your head we're alive and we're fighting we will beat this thing.

#217790 parts of the brain in DP

Posted by scienceguy on 11 January 2011 - 09:03 PM

Ok so here's what I got so far, I will be adding more as time goes on.

Hippocampus: 5ht1a, 5ht2a, 5ht2c, cb1, d1. d2, orl, a1

Amygdala: 5ht2c, cb1, d1, d2, kor, dor, orl, a1

Thalamus: 5ht2a, 5ht2c, cb1, kor, uop, a1

temporal lobe: 5ht1a, kor, d2, d3

parietal lobe: kor, cb1, 5ht2a, 5ht2c

basal ganlia: 5ht1a, 5ht2a, 5ht2c, cb1

#217675 parts of the brain in DP

Posted by scienceguy on 11 January 2011 - 02:47 AM

Ok I've read from several sources the parts of the brain involved in DP are the parietal lobe, temporal lobe, thalamus, basal ganlia, amygdala and the hippocampus. If you reserch what exactly these brain areas are responsible for you can quickly see why this disorder has the sysmtoms it does. any ways my investigation over the next few months will be to find out and categorize any and all receptors in these brain areas. Anyone that wishes to help me please feel free to do so. It's high time that this conditon gets thoroughly reserched and a proper treatment and cause based on receptor and chemical imbalence is discovered!

#217469 determined to find that magic pill

Posted by scienceguy on 09 January 2011 - 05:05 PM

Maybe looking for a magic pill is one of the symptoms of your anxiety and is infact your problem.
I say this because I looked for the magic pill for many years but I did it with supplements and alternative methods but it did me no good, you probably think that I was looking in the wrong place but that is not what I learned, I learned that trying to escape from your problem only increases your suffering because you are trying to get away from it, you are rejecting it and fighting it which only creates stress, which is why almost everyone who has recovered says you have to stop fighting and accept it.

Also meds aren't the only ways to change your brain chemicals, getting a hug from a loved one produces more oxycontin than most meds can give you, going for a walk in the woods releases serotonin, regular exercise balances all sorts of chemicals, I have seen studies where meditation has caused permanent brain changes, reduced cortisol levels and normalised brain waves. I have even seen studies where looking after a dog has normalised peoples brain chemicals and one study which showed driving a sports car improved testosterone and assertiveness in people lol, so all I'm saying is you can't ignore the effect your general life has on the chemicals in your brain, everything you do has an effect.

Actually I have no anxiety symtoms, I did for the first month or so when I got this but once I learnd what it was I quickly calmed my self and my anxiety left me. I think what helped me is that I'm a very logical person I know what I'm expierencing is just runaway chemical inbalences and altered brain metabolism, I know that this will pass in time and I know this is just the result of me smoking some stuff that didn't agree with my chemical make up.

This does not make me want to stop from finding out exactly what this imbalence is though, the chemicals responsible, receptors responsible ext. I am a man of science and medicine and I feel I owe it to my self and the world to find something that can take this away for people faster then tradinal therpy.

I agree with you many life style changes can improve your chemical balence in your brain, I got over some pretty bad depression in the past doing just that no medicine at all. But it would seem this disorder is more difficult it apears that it just lingures and goes on despite the fact I do not have any anxity fuling it. I know I'm not the only one that is like this either there's many that say they have calmed there anxity to zero and yet this still persits.

I didn't even have a panic attack from the stuff I smoked, it was just as if some of the effects of the high just never went away you know?

Much investigation is needed on how thc and synthetic canabinoids effects the brain.

#217401 determined to find that magic pill

Posted by scienceguy on 09 January 2011 - 04:18 AM

Not to be negative, but if you make your life about getting better and finding a pill to fix your problem, you will have this problem for a LOOOOOOOOONG TIME. all you are doing is making every aspect of your life about fixing this problem. As for adderal, its for adhd or add, unless you try XR capsules you wont find relief for more than a few hours like you said. Also dexedrine is better than adderall because the comedown is not bad at all. It does the same thing. But for someone like me, who has add and some dr feelings, its going to work better because focusing is my actual problem, and thats the intent of taking dexedrine. Please dont make your day to day routine about finding some miracle pill. They help us, but do not cure us. Exercise, eat healthy, stay off this forum looking for answers all day, and remember that this is anxiety/depression and a thought problem.

Big Gulps.

Wow I never thought I would get a reponce like this. actually I have stayed off of this forum for about 10 months. When I first saw it I only used it to learn more about my condition and the medications people have tried and failed from then I went on my own path of discovery and never looked back until now. Honestly I thought this forum was to depressing and to many people writing there sob storys, this was not heathy for me and is why I decided not to join until now. My reason for joining Now though is that I want the help of the people here in coming up with a cure or atleast a treatment that is effective and reliable. for this I need feed back from others. for too long this dissorder has gone unreqanized by the reserch comunity and I want to put an end to it. I have many of my professors helping me as well as nero scientists. This is not something I just want to give up on I want to help my self and the world of people suffering from this.

#217287 determined to find that magic pill

Posted by scienceguy on 08 January 2011 - 06:07 AM

Hello dper's, I would first like to introduce my self my nick name is the sience guy as this is what I was before DP hit me a year ago. I was studying in a class medicine known as nero endocrinology and was in my 5th year of studys. anyways to make a long story short I smoked this "herble blend" of cough cough synthetic cough canibinoids and here I am.

up until now I have only visited this site occasionaly gathering info and seeing people exprience with this disorder.
and seeing what medicines have been tried and that pretty much all have failed.

this is where my journy began as a human guiny pig to find out exactly which chemicals in the brain are responsible for these horrific feelings of unrealty and detachment from ones self and hopefully reverse them.

Ok here we go

first medication I tried and will probably be no suprise to any of you was an ssri. this was given to me 2 weeks after I got this disorder from a psychitrist who thought I had depression even though I had my doubts at the time that this was depression I did not fully discover what this really was until another two weeks sobare with me here.

Ok so from this medicine I can you I got much worse, it literally increasd almost all of my dp/dr symtoms and even gave me extra side effects on top of that so ssri's fot a big no!

Ok so then my real hunt for a cure begen I ended up serching endlessly through all of my books in in school as my studys can relate to this in many different ways. I serched the internet talked to my professors and other neroscientists.

my next medication of choice was arricept. I chose this because I know acetylcholine has alot to do with memory and in many ways dp/dr effects memory. I also know alzhimers patiants commony see in frames. which is a staple mark for many people with this disorder including me. I did a 3 week run with this stuff and had only minor improvment in thinking abilty and this all. so I discontinued and moved on.

Next I read where low dopamine might be the cause of this as there was study done where they removed the dopamine from a guys system by blocking the absortion of tyramine, the conseqent systoms he decribed were very remenisent of dp/dr.

so I got a precription for adderall a big dopamine boosting stimulent, results: I got about a 50% return in my emotions about a 30 to 40% return in my thinking abilty and clarity and about a 10 to 20% improvment in memory recall. down sides is it DIDN'T last! this effect was very short lived about 4 hours or so followed by a big crash where these same things that improved would then get worse by the same degree if not more for a day or two. the trade was not worth it.

However this led me to explore the dopamine rout further with more theriputic medications.
the next I tryed was an maob inhibiter. for those of you who don't know this medication prevents the break down of dopamine in the brain there by alowing it's effects to last longer. I tryed this one for a good solid month with no results at all, I mean literaly nothing, very disapointing considering how adderall worked to some extent and this did nothing.

ok so my serch for a more theriputic replacment to adderall took me to trying Ldopa something that should directly increase the amount of dopamine in my synaptic vesicals. after 3 weeks on this and no improvement I did a final week with ldopa and an maob inhibiter combine. still no results. frustrated at this point I abandend my dopamine theory and moved on.

next up was a thought of inspiration, I remembered that the ssri made me worse so I looked up why that might be and found out that mcpp a seritonin 5ht2c agonist can actually cause dp/dr. seeing this I imedietly thought well maybe I have to much seritonin at that receptor so I took a medication called agomeltine which is a 5ht2c antagonist.
tryed this one out for 3 weeks and all I got was a little energy boost and a cranky mood. no effects on dp/dr at all. ok back to the drawing board.

Next I thought well it was a canibinoid that got me here in the first place why not take something that's the exact oposite, so I got my hands on some rimonabant and tryed that for 3 weeks. with this I expirenced a 50% improvment in my vision in the aspect of I don't see in frames as much as I did. other then this I had no improvments however I can say to this day my vision has remained improved.

at this point I was stumped for awhile and was going thruogh some killer insomnia. So one night I barrowed a few of my room mates clonidine to help me sleep. Big mistake! it made the weird feeling out of time distortions of my DP worse and you know that feeling where your talking to someone but then forget what you just said it made that sytom much worse too! so then I thought well if an a2 agonist does this what about an a2 antagonist. very happy with the results of this one I tried an herbal supplent called rawulscine, this helped tremendesly with that bad out of time feeling and feeling disconeted while talking to someone symtems. I discovered this by accidend but it was cool I must. I have to still take this supplement daily for it to keep working but so far so good and no side effects thus far.

all this made me think if norepinephrine was more at play in helping me with adderall then the dopamine was but then again I did not get improvment in the same symptoms as I did with adderall so I'm not sure.

So now it's been a year and I have tried many things and still no cure although I think I have discovered some things along the way. I wanted to note that I took atleast a month inbetween all medications I tried to make sure there were no overalp in effects and the others had compleatly cleared my system. I am still determined to find that magic pill only right now I'm taking a break for my body and my mind from the meds and digging in really deep into what changes exactly that canibinoids do nerochemicaly in your brain.

If any one would like to help me with my reserch please feel free to do so. and let me know if you have tried any of these medications and have had simmilar results as I have.

even with my back ground I am still confused about many things such as how ssri's have actually helped some people with this when in combo with benzodiazipines. all reserch I have done and the results on my self point to high seritonin being a bad thing for this disorder but maybe I'm missing something.

I will not give up until I atleast find a treatment for this that will make the symtoms go away by atleast 80% this you can count on.