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30 January 2011 - 07:12 AM

Hi all.

I have had some really rough times in regards to my mental health so I understand alot about how it feels.

But I am honestly breaking free from those shackles so now it is like I am outside looking in.

So I thought I would share this here; in all honesty with a few months of daily practice of this you will be well on the road to recovery and so much more.

I can't really say much else. This practice actually works wonders.



Blessings to all!

The road to self-recovery: Jhana.

30 January 2011 - 07:05 AM


i just wanted to post this for those who are interested

i am serious when i say this is really an ultimate road of healing and so much more

it takes perseverance, it takes practice, it takes discipline

but if you are really serious about getting better, then this is the way for you

and the benefits go so far beyond simply self-recovery

it is amazing.

a summary: http://en.wikipedia....āna_in_Buddhism

an in depth overview: http://www.accesstoi...a/wheel351.html

i have been practicing for a few months now, this last month i have been practicing extra hard and its all really starting to pay off

i hope this helps some people, taste freedom

benefits of depersonalization

26 December 2010 - 09:17 AM

I am not one to put a label on things like 'depersonaliation'. I was 'diagnosed' with a number of 'mental illness' growing up including schizophrenia, so I can relate.

For serious help I would say to everybody you should go and see a proper spiritual teacher / guru type of thing. Society i.e. the majority constantly pushes there perception of 'normal', which is actually a very low, illusory, devolved and negative state.

You might be surprised of the hidden benefits of 'disorders' such as deprsonaliation, in a spiritual sense, benefits which this world is yet to understand, it is really just a matter of integrating these benefits properly.

I want to give you all my blessings, you are wonderful people and it just saddens me sometimes to see the way that society can label a part of beautiful aspect as "wrong".