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#218274 Listen Up, You can all get better rather quickly

Posted by omniel on 15 January 2011 - 07:44 PM

yeah i know what you are saying

but mental illness is somewhat like a nightmare

when you are dreaming things seem so real and intense

but as soon as you wake up, your just like, oh just a dream, and carry on with life.

i think in the pits of mental illness it is difficult to see out, but once you get yourself out you realize how easy it really is to cure yourself.

personally i have found stuff like yoga and meditation to be really great just to do on a daily basis it keeps you healthy and increases your vitality, ... plus the more you practice meditation and the deeper you go the more amazing it becomes

i think it is best to set a goal, aim for something and dont let it out of your sight. look at the obstacles as challenges to overcome. pretend you are a warrior going into battle fighting for your life and others. nothing will stop you from winning!

i think part of what the OP is saying is if you focus all of your attention on the negative symptoms you are only going to make it worse. you should focus your attention on achieving your goal and overcoming the challenges, it is very much possible and also much more beneficial.

but yeah, i found stuff like yoga and meditation really great to practice everyday, not only for the 'immediate' health benefits and such, but also as a goal of achieving, to be able to control what i think, to be able to meditate properly, and then to be able to enter these extreme altered states (through meditation), to be able to perform the headstand asana etc.

#216475 what's faith with no emotion

Posted by omniel on 31 December 2010 - 06:31 AM

developing a connection with GOD is no easy task it takes committment through all the ups and downs.

also i would suggest for learning from bible just stick to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

#215931 benefits of depersonalization

Posted by omniel on 26 December 2010 - 09:17 AM

I am not one to put a label on things like 'depersonaliation'. I was 'diagnosed' with a number of 'mental illness' growing up including schizophrenia, so I can relate.

For serious help I would say to everybody you should go and see a proper spiritual teacher / guru type of thing. Society i.e. the majority constantly pushes there perception of 'normal', which is actually a very low, illusory, devolved and negative state.

You might be surprised of the hidden benefits of 'disorders' such as deprsonaliation, in a spiritual sense, benefits which this world is yet to understand, it is really just a matter of integrating these benefits properly.

I want to give you all my blessings, you are wonderful people and it just saddens me sometimes to see the way that society can label a part of beautiful aspect as "wrong".