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#211185 Reality isn't real DP/DR free

Posted by UniversalShape on 04 November 2010 - 11:35 PM

You're an egotistical moron who thinks he's more philosophical then you really are. Don't push your crap filled ideas on people. If you really care about the people on these boards and forums you wouldn't post stuff that's so negative. You said that you don't remember what DP/DR felt like once you were cured... so then why are you telling me (and others) that it's all in my head. Oh, and thank you for calling everyone with DP/DR stupid... it really credits your post.

I've changed my way of thinking and it hasn't changed a thing. You ARE NOT a professional or expert in this matter so please don't tell me to just change my thinking and I'll get better. This is an actual disorder and like a lot of disorders, it's not a matter of simply changing your thinking. Some people have imbalances and need actual medical help. Nobody has really found the solution to DP/DR.

You said it yourself, we (the people with DP/DR) are philosophical... then I'm PHILOSOPHICALLY telling you you're full of $***. Just because something didn't work for you doesn't mean it won't or doesn't work for someone else. For some people, it IS a matter of "getting out of their own head" and just letting their system/brain get back to reality. Others, it might not be so simple.

How did you get DP/DR? Mine wasn't a result of stress or weed. So, I'd assume if you actually have had it for that long you'd realize that it's not a matter of "change your thinking."

If you're going to post advice, 1. dont belittle what people are going through by saying their fears are stupid. 2. Do some research. 3. Try and encourage people. Don't discourage them from at least seeking help with this problem. It took me years to finally come to a point where I'm ready to start dealing with this...

There's a lot of fear,rigidity, impatience, frustration, anger and negativity in your post.

Ask yourself why you posted your response in such an angry, hateful, frustrated matter and maybe you would see that I'm in a better position then you are.. Then maybe you would take the time to realize that you are still stuck in your head with your hate, anger, fear, negativity and frustration. Whilst I'm dp/dr free and feel 100 percent fine after having dp/dr chronically for 6 years. Maybe even after that you would then step outside of your own hateful angry rigid head and see that I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to help people.. I would have just forgotten about it like it's so easy to forget . In the end it's only yourself that can help you because no matter what you're still going to have to live with yourself.

Now take the time to ask yourself if you're happy with you and your life.

I know the answer to that question but do you ?

#211181 Reality isn't real DP/DR free

Posted by UniversalShape on 04 November 2010 - 10:28 PM

Yes, please Enlighten us on how you overcame DP/DR.

It was the long process of inner work through suffering gaining inner wisdom, by using wisdom to defeat the fool(i is the fool, i is the wise), of learning how my mind worked by not giving into it's linear games, pushing through my fears and breaking down the cycles which kept perpetuating the depersonalization/derealization. (obsessive thinking/fears, ocd compulsions,quicksand depression, irrational anxieties, abort the mothership panic attacks) these are all tricks in the game that use one as a catalyst for the other once you give in to one and repeat in cycles running amok your whole mind turning it into a runaway train beast that you live inside of because you believe you are your mind. The hardest part is to spontaneously stop the cycle by breaking one link in the chain and becoming aware of each one and how it effects you because you live in your mind so much and feel like you can't control and can't escape it at the same time. Yet you must realize that anything that happens will only happen now in the present dimension that you're in, and that you have always been in. Fear is like a vampire if vampire sucked rational thought instead of blood, it's your job to stand up to it and go past your mental fear by accepting it and understanding it(depersonalization/derealization) "what you resist only persists"- carl jung ,so if the fear is always something dark and unknown, it darkens the mind and keeps it blind and makes your body scared and thus you obey it's fear and get stuck in irrational mind (see my sentence on not giving into linear games of mind". "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious". ~ Carl Jung. Then Fear can be anything you make it to be, it could be the devil, it could be the psychopath, it could be a demon, it could be schizophrenia , it could be death, it could be anything you make it because really it's just something you don't understand and you can't intelligently contemplate through a linear dualistic black and white good and evil operating system. It's ALL up to you, it's up to you take control of your own life, no one else is gonna do it for you and no pill is gonna come up and cure you that's just an absurd pipe dream.

It's not something that i can explain in a couple of sentences and whala you're cured, it doesn't work that way. Every person has their own subjective mental operating system and it's own glitches which they operate on. And everyone can only see things through their own eyes and in their own shoes making everything a game of subjectivity so if you're relying too heavily on your own perspective then you are definitely lost. I implore you all to not be afraid of yourselves and your existence, You all very much do exist very much so and you are all alive very much so and you are all supposed to be free and happy and you will be if you just believe in yourself and you are not your mind. The mind is nothing but a tool yet you have gone too far and embedded yourselves into the beast of mind through fears,obsessive ruminations,deep analytical philosophical thought loops etc." The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master" You have to go back and find who the servant mind is supposed to serve. That's what you've been looking for already haven't yall ? you've been looking for yourselves haven't you ? you've been looking in the wrong place. One cannot find himself in the mind, one is not his or her name, one is not the numerical value of ones age either, one is not his language nor a memory. In other words I wasn't born so and so, i was born a being of life, before I had a name, before I had an Identity, before i had an ego, all I was was a being.

Here and Now is all one is

understand what makes one here and now

being the being

Understand that fear wants you to run away, to run away from yourself and when you run away from yourself thats when the dissociation happens because your mind has become a threat to your own self. Until you fight that threat instead of running away from it you will not lose your dissociation. The only way to fight fear is with love and love has it's own intelligence and order to it, love is a subjective word has different meanings to different people so take these words with a grain of salt. But love is always in your heart and if you don't believe in your heart then you cannot even begin to exist as a being, use the love in your heart to find love for yourself so that you respect yourself (your being) in the moment , look at yourself with the eyes of truth as to not be led astray into illusion and so that your heart beats with the heart beat of truth with it's being.

You can be anyone you want to be in the game of the mind but "Those who look without, dream. Those who look within, awaken ..."

wake up fool. get real.

not what i needed to hear at the moment.

Don't worry buddy you are as real as you want to be what I meant was normal reality isn't really the archetypical reality , the beauty is that reality and life in general is something beyond words and is a huge fucking mystery with many different dimensions to it, it is pretty much eternal and boundless wonderful and very beautiful to the mind that can see.

#211160 Reality isn't real DP/DR free

Posted by UniversalShape on 04 November 2010 - 06:54 PM

I wanted to say that I've been through the worst of the worst when it comes to DP/DR, experiencing it day in and day out for 6 years chronically and now I'm 100 percent dp/dr free, everything appears "real" nothing looks fake or animated and life doesn't feel like a movie and my body doesn't feel alien /robotic/ animated anymore.

This has been the biggest mind fuck I never thought was possible, You know how when you're dp/dr'd you can't remember what "reality"even feels like well guess what when you get back to normal "reality" you can't even really remember what dp /dr felt like. Now imagine my situation, I go through 6 years of hell in dp/dr land never thought I would come out "normal" again and here I am free of dp/dr and feeling normal.

Now what really bothers me is what an absolutely completely surreal experience the whole thing was, it's like being in a 6 year long dream and waking up only to realize you're back where you started...

After about a year of trying to figure out what exactly had happened and the correlations that tied everything together i've come to the conclusion that "Normal" and "Reality" is not real, it's a lie an illusion. Reality is subjective and needs a conscious subjective experiencer (ego symbolic consciousness). "reality" and "normal" is just a form of comfortable consciousness in which you are content with your body awareness, mind and your environment. It's only an illusion of balanced awareness. The normal reality in which you see and feel and smell the world around you and experience as real is a union of belonging and understanding which occurs unconsciously and so consciously your mind is content with it's existence and does not alienate. Rather the normal content consciousness is a form of restrictive reality tunnel which filters that which it doesn't need.

On the other hand dp/dr reality is a very uncomfortable, no subjective experiencing sort of unrestricted form of reality that is chaotic, anxiety inducing and unconsciously operational (view as if your actions are robotic/like your watching a movie of your life etc)

What I have gathered is a lot of you have put yourselves out there into different planes of thought and are stuck in fear based thought loops, a lot of you like myself are analytical and deeply philosophical, you search for answers to many questions and overwhelm your minds. A lot of you have OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks etc, a lot of you are your own worst enemies stuck in irrational fears and prisoners of your own mind and it's own devices.

You won't find answers unless you make changes if no change occurs time doesn't exist, you are like a clock and every change you make will put you further in time and every habit you repeat will keep you suspended in time. Seek change push the boundaries and most of all question your deepest and darkest fears, as long as you have those fears in you, you cannot transcend your own devils, demons, schizo fear, insanity, whatever unknown dark fear that keeps you stupid and insane.

Remember the game is not on the outside, the game is on the inside and the outside is a world of illusions there to test you, you must show if you are the fool or if you are the wise. Wisdom isn't knowing like many of you philosophers here know a lot of things, Wisdom is doing what you know and a lot of you still don't believe in your own wisdom.

There are no pills