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In Topic: Reality isn't real DP/DR free

07 November 2010 - 07:35 PM

"I see that no matter how much I'm going to explain, you are going to be inclined to disagree since you all live in your own subjective reality tunnels"

That's because it's just philosophical. It only exists in your own way of looking at things. There is no objective proof to what you are saying.

One doesn't need objective proof for one's own existence, that is just your way of looking at things. From a material perspective. All it is, is an opinion.

In Topic: Reality isn't real DP/DR free

06 November 2010 - 05:37 PM

Don't you see you are saying that you know OBJECTIVELY how things are. Saying that EVERYONE perceives reality ENTIRELY subjectively is an ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE STATEMENT. You are making a claim to truth.

I never said people couldn't make objective statements from a subjective point of view, I actually pointed this out already when I said that we develop a world view in order to consensually agree on what the world is and we get so wrapped up in that perception that cultural/ human point of view that most of us assume that's all it is. You are the case and point you are so wrapped up in your world view that you cannot see beyond it, We believe it so much that we don't like it shaken up.

Now there is a big difference between having the ability to make objective statements from a subjective point of view which is what every human is capable of and actually perceiving objective reality as it exists in actuality with out a personal subjective perspective.

Ok. But, if someone were to say, measure the mass of that chair, since the quantity of 'mass' doesn't depend on the subject's bias, I'd consider that measurement an objective measurement, in the formal sense.

Informally, just two people agreeing the chair is even there, occupying space, would be 'objective reality'.

That's what I meant, and is usually meant by it......

You might want to look deeper into quantum mechanics,

I could see that no matter how much I'm going to explain, you are going to be inclined to disagree since you all live in your own subjective reality tunnels.

Anyways if anyone has a direct question about dp/dr and symptoms, send a pm and i would be more than happy to offer a word of advice.

In Topic: Reality isn't real DP/DR free

06 November 2010 - 12:26 AM

The fact you are using the internet shows that you believe in a universal understanding of electricity, programming and engineering.

If you get an infection you take antibiotics. If you are thirsty you drink water. If you do not drink water, you die.

There are universal standards and accepted truths. Do you agree with this at least?

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here and how it pertains to this thread. Maybe if you rephrase it in a manner in which it stays on topic then I'll answer the question. Universal standards and accepted truths ? accepted by who ? universal standards you say ?

see you're already forming a false objective reality through a subjective belief system that you've been conditioned to accept as a universal standard and an accepted truth. One of the key constituents of the subjective experience is survival and behind survival is the fear of death. So in essence your survival and or your subjective existence has become reliant on these false objective reality tunnels due to your upbringing in your environment, that you need electricity, engineering, programming, internet, antibiotics as universal objective truths to survival. It's just the way you were raised and conditioned to be dependent and clingy. All of these are scientific, technological and medical materials that which objectively exist to you the modern human but they are not the objective reality because without human subjects they would pretty much be meaningless. Take for instance a chair, it exists as an object in the external world but without your own human subjective understanding of the chair and it's purpose which is for your human ass to sit on it and lets say you the subjective conscious observer of the chair had no ass or no use to sit in a chair, the objective meaning of the chair would be pretty much useless to you subjectively wouldn't it? It would just be a pile of wooden sticks put together craft fully . Would you still consider it an accepted truth, a universal standard, objective reality ? In essence you learn what's what from an early age unto adulthood and you form your own reality on the way which is based heavily on the influence of your environment.

All in all none of what you mentioned has anything to do with the objective reality and is still a subjective reality because it is all dependent on you the subject and the matter at hand. Nothing to do with the actual objective reality as it truly is without a personal subjective bias. The objective reality is always one that is full of wonder and mystery.

what never_giving_up said,

No, but that's not what I or is usually meant by 'objective'. Objective reality is that which is independent of our minds control.

How do you know what is usually meant by "objective" ? Look up the word Objective in a dictionary and that's what it means in the English glossary.

If people don't see things the way they are then how can you say that you know how people see things?

Because I am a person and you are a person, see the commonality here ? I as a person have the sense to know that everything I look at, I look at through my own eyes and walking in my own shoes and that is highly subjective. Now if you think that you see things the way they are in actuality well then you are just deluding yourself because you don't. I'm 100 % certain of this

Correct me if I'm wrong but do you actually think that you see things in reality as they actually exist in reality ? That you have no personal bias when you see things around you and that you reflect from an all knowing all wise perspective ?

Sorry but that just doesn't ring true to me.

Surely you must be including yourself in the group of "people who cannot see things objectively."

Yes I am including myself and don't call me shirley, I can only have my own subjective reality, We don't all live under 1 reality, we all have our own subjective reality (awareness of a self, our ego, identification, belief system, imagination, etc whatever makes us unique and the same) we all live with our selves from a day to day basis and yet at the same time that subjective awareness or reality can be morphed into and designed into a false objective reality or a one world view which happens to so many people. (Example Just look at exactly what Hitler did with Nazi Germany, he created the aryan race idea to gather his nations subjective awareness reality and turn it into a objective racist ideology ). In other words, critical thinking skills are needed here, one must think for oneself and one must question the higher authorities which seek to form objective realities.

What you are describing is something that is fixed. You are saying that it is not possible for people to see things as anything else but their subjective perception. Therefore by this logic you cannot describe anyone's perception but your own.

Well no shit, can you ?

can you describe someone else perceptions ? can you even explain your own perceptions to someone who doesn't have them ? Can you go up to someone who's never experienced dp/dr and effectively communicate your subjective perspective so that the person can genuinely understand where you're coming from ?

Really now

In Topic: Reality isn't real DP/DR free

05 November 2010 - 09:14 PM

No. I meant the place independent of your mind. Specifically, objective real.. ...

Where is this place you are speaking of, I'm not too familiar with it, do you have a special ability to travel outside of your mind and reach this "objective real" ? Do you have any special extra sensory perceiving astral projection abilities that you want to share with us ? I would be more than interested as to know how they work

As far as I know to my knowledge people can only see things from the view of their own self, you look out to the external world from within your own self's perspective and when you look out to the external world without a foundation of a self you're using the dream machine in your mind, the imagination. You don't actually see things the way they are, you only see things the way you are or the way you can imagine them to be and you live your day to day life trusting that imagination of an ideal or imperfect objective reality perspective based on your emotional state. (Happy man sees a happy world, sad man sees a sad world)

In Topic: Reality isn't real DP/DR free

05 November 2010 - 08:30 PM

The place where you obtained the information to know how to type that message.

So your view of reality is that my mind is reality ? that nothing beyond my mind is real ? that my mind is the sole reality and anything that exists outside of the mind is all just there for the mind's own entertainment ?

IMO That is a pretty dark disproportionate view of what this energy process called life is all about, It's based on an extremely self centered ignorant premise that you or I are alone as individuals and only exist within our own Ideas and dreams of an imaginary self that exists within our illusory mental belief system called a mind.

But then again that's the prison world of an ego, the ego consciousness which separates and takes you away from the felt present moment of awareness and it's wonder / mystery and into the prison of the mind where the terrible master locks you away in a distant nostalgic memory of the past or a projected foolish pipe dream of the future. Hindsight is always 20/20 and the future can be predicted through a hidden intention. Yet you cannot do one or the other without being conscious of the present moment of awareness. Fear is what perpetuates the idea that we are only a mind and keeps you within that boundary, Fear traps you in the mind and keeps you locked up in your own prison. There is no prison but the prison in your mind. Now lets take a look at what we are afraid of. We are afraid of life itself. We are afraid of what is unknown in life because we are afraid of death. All fear ultimately stems from a fear of death. Death is what perpetuates life and without life there is no significance of death and without death there is no birth of life.

Now here is the key. If you are not afraid of death then you are not afraid of life.

Right now you are afraid of life because you are afraid of death.

Now you're thinking how can I not be afraid of death ?

Well you can not be afraid of death if you understand what death is, as a result of that understanding , you will understand what life is. One is the shadow of the other and as long you hold onto that fear of death, the closer to death you will become as it will suck your life energy away and keep you trapped in a mental prison ruled by fear and your own personal mental police man.

But since we all walk with weight of our repressed fears/sins against ourselves (because of dualistic heaven and hell religious cult operating systems) we are all made to feel guilty and unworthy of life so we judge ourselves in a dualistic fashion which only further keeps us blind and stupid. Splits us into pieces and keeps us from seeing our own wholeness/oneness/divinity.