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Lesson learnt the hard way today

14 January 2011 - 09:31 PM

Hey y'all.

This isn't really dp related but made me forget about my DP totally during the event.

I have always primarily been a motorcyclist riding sports bikes and harleys so I am a bit of a shocker when it comes to keeping my car clean. It is hard to mess up a motorcycle because there is no floor space to throw things! So when I drive my car I have the bad habit of chucking objects on the floor and seats and leaving them there. It is a new holden with 10k on it so that is not so good. Anyway never again will it be messy -

We have this custom chocolatiers shop in the capital city where I live called KoKo black ( They make these little chocolates and sell hot chocolate and other chocolate related items. It is always packed out. Anyways sometimes I go there and buy 4 of the little chocolates (all different kinds of flavours they sell) just for a treat on Friday. They are quality over quantity so they are good to the waist line if you know what I mean! I went there last night after I had finished my buisness in the city and walked to my car, threw the little chocolate bag on the passanger seat. Started driving home then reached over for the bag, picked it up and put my hand in. There were 5 chocolates, Oh I thought, the nice girl gave me a freeby - probably because I asked how her day was and listened with empathy! Anyway so I started eating them one by one, tasted good no worries. Got to the last one and it had a sort of liquidy centre.

Oh I thought - this last chocolate is garbage flavoured - it tasted JUST like garbage smells. I kept munching thinking, hmm, well it can't be OFF because koko black are pros and would regulate thier stock so it MUST be a lagit flavour. Fish flavour with a bit of citrus perhaps I thought .. no definately garbage flavour. Anyways I finished it and forgot about it.

Got home after a detour at a friends house two hours later. Got home and parked in the Driveway, looked over to the pasangers seat before getting out and saw the koko black bag. Thinking I'd bin it I reached over to grab it and it was full of chocolate! HUH I thought, looked in the bag and there was 4 chocolates, the same ones I'd bought that night. Instantly I had a flashback of buying a bag of 5 chocolates from Koko black 6 MONTHS AGO and forgetting to eat them. I'd eaten the ones that had been sitting in the hot car in it's paper bag for 6 months.

I sat there violently dry wretching in horror for half a minute while my neighbour watched in bemusement from across the street.

I will never leave that car messy again! Thought other messy car ppl might benfit from that!

The cold virus

08 December 2010 - 03:33 AM

Isn't it amazing how having the cold can make Dp/Dr so much worse? I know it has been mentioned a few times before but it's so true. Ugh, especially having a cold at the start of summer :angry2: . Anyone else got a cold?

OCD as a subconcious nemesis

24 November 2010 - 04:50 AM


Lately I have been going through a hard time, not from my DP/DR but OCD. I think I have almost beaten the DP again for now (knock on wood), but the OCD has been hammering me and affecting my life in a not so positive manner. When ever I try to initiate a positive action for myself and/or loved ones the OCD kicks in hard to sabotage it. My OCD constantly feed subtle but negative thoughts into my conciousness slowly wearing me down and making me just want to cry. Some of the only refuge I have from it is when I give in and do the wrong thing (in my case eating too much, sitting in front of the TV and not exercising, not doing housework, avoiding a positive activity etc), doing those things seem to give me some relief; (one exception is that when I am hard at work I get some relief) it's a shame that these things can slowly destroy a person.

The professionals say that OCD and similar brain disorders are caused by a 'chemical imbalance'. This is of course a better way of looking at it than seeing it as demon possession, divine punishment or karma. But do you sometimes wonder if there is something more to it? It sometimes feels like there is something attempting to effect me negatively like a sort of bully, almost like a subconcious nemesis - of course I don't *REALLY* believe this but sometimes I wonder; as it is amazing that a chemical imbalance can cause such personally directed negativity.

What do other OCD sufferers think?