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#243526 Should I start experimenting with street drugs?

Posted by snowcat3030 on 05 November 2011 - 01:40 AM

Maybe some rec drugs are okay in moderation and small doses like alcohol. I have 1 standard drink some days and it can completely cure my OCD and make me forget about DP for a night. But I wouldn't trust illegal drugs - BECAUSE you honestly don't know what is in them. Could be anything. At least with legit government regulated labs and breweries you can be 99.999% sure the substance is what it says it is. I know when I take my prozac that is contains exactly 20mgs of fluoxitine and that a medical doctor who has studied the subject for years rcommended it for me. Street drugs are mostly made in dirty sheds by crims that want to make money who have the morals of rock spiders. They will save money by cutting their drugs with ANYTHING, and if you get an extra high of that bleach in it - they saved money and you thought it has good 'shit'.

#211602 Simulated reality

Posted by snowcat3030 on 09 November 2010 - 05:21 AM

Hey Da Vinci,

Been through this one before, it is a complete mindf*ck. Firstly I would like to clarify something that you have said, you have mentioned that there are scientists who believe in the Simulation Argument. There are NO scientists who believe this because they cannot - the reason being that the Simulation argument is not a scientific theory; it is a philosophical argument. The bloke who wrote this did it for publicity, he is a philosopher from Oxford named Nick Bostrom. And it made him famous. And he wrote this rubbish just after the movie the Matrix was realeased (coincidence??!). He claims his argument has not been refuted but it has been shot to pieces by philosophers around the world, both logically and philosophically. Just do a google search on Simulation argument refutations.

Also just because a phiolosophical argument and it is sound does not mean it is true, that is why I will never study philosophy, it is a series of Mindtraps. If I was a skilled enough philosopher I could make you believe anything using thier kind of 'logic'.

Remember Ochams razor? It never fails, it states that the simplest solution is probably the best one. Ie in this case what you see with your own eyes is most likely true. There are heaps of other reasons why it is highly unlikely, see some of them are in the Wikipedia entry on Simulation Argument. You are probably wondering why I have spent so much effort replying to this - well I was obsessed about it for a while - not a healthy obsession to have my brother. But something snapped me out of it and showed me that we most likely live in the real world.

#209744 I hate illegal drugs

Posted by snowcat3030 on 21 October 2010 - 12:44 AM

Hello again,

I have just been noticing there has been alot of positive talk about the use of illegal drugs latey on the forum, (e,weed,opiates to name three).

There is NOTHING positive about illegal drugs. I take my hat off to hard line law enforcement officials who dedicate themselves to wiping them OFF the street.

I was born with severe ADD, which later developed into OCD (then GAD, DP/DR) and it has had a profound effect on my entire life. My two siblings were comparitively normal and have been fairly successful, my sister finishing med school, and bro being a CA. I have had to fight tooth and nail for any profile I have right now because I am also dealing with mental illness and have done all my life. It has affected relationships and made it hard to progress in my work life. I have to deal with any number of whacked out mental states and strange thoughts from one day to the next. At some times it has almost fucked my life. I have never touched an illegal drug in my life, not even one joint or ciggie.

What pisses me off is there are people who want to EXPERIENCE an altered state of mind (which I sometimes deal with naturally) by taking mind altering illegal drugs. I would give alot to have a clear mind free from DP/DR mental illness. To see people throw away the gift of a clear mind by taking drugs defies logic to me.

I hope I have not offended anyone but just wanted to add my two cents to the issue.

The western governemnts have banned these substances for a reason, there is NO conspiracy, illegal drugs are harmful. Any temporary benefit they bring will be overshadowed by the harm they bring later on.