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Posted by Unreal on 22 December 2010 - 12:09 PM

@ ustabetinyfairypeople. Your right, its all about time. we may want God to heal us when WE want it but we have to remember that His timing is the right timing, Hes never late! We just have to trust Him and i know its hard to have faith and trust Him in time of trouble but we have to try our best. We cant let the devil get to us. Im glad that i went through what i did because it showed me that God is there and He wants us better. Matter of fact not only did He cure me from DP He cured me from major depression and fibromyalga that i had since i could remember but thats another story. I'll never regret my sufferings cause it makes me stronger in the end and sometimes we suffer so that when others are suffering we can comfort them. Pain isnt always a bad thing, it helps us grow and if i could go back i would do it all over again just to get where im at now. But anyways i like how even though your suffering right now your staying strong. U can and u will beat this one step at a time and that goes for all of you. @Fluke im glad to hear that your thinking about converting. U wont regret your decision i promise. And @938721 Yes, God cures DP. Im living proof that He does. U don't believe what i believe and thats fine i respect your beliefs dude. I aint here to try to make you believe what i do im just sharing my story. Thank you for your comments though guys God Bless!

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Posted by Unreal on 21 December 2010 - 11:32 PM

Wow, i havnt been on here in forever!! I stopped coming on because when ever i came i got reminded of these symptoms i was having it would make me feel worse and i couldnt handle that. Let me take u guys back and tell u what happened since u last heard from me... I saw my psychiatrist, he put me on these pills i dont remember what there called but its for depersonalization derealaztion disorder (obviously) lol. And they sucked it made me feel even worse so he didnt put me on any other ones. What i did though was whenever i started feeling symptoms I prayed and i realized that my symptoms would either reduce or completely go away. I kept praying that God would heal me and He did. it took a little while but He did it and im cured now . I just wanna let you guys know there IS hope, dont give up! There is someone who cares about what your going through and wants to help you so please reach out to Him. That someone is Jesus and Hes waiting arms wide open for you to fall into them so He can cure you and give u rest. I pray u all go to Him... Well thats all i wanted to say and btw ima Christian but hit me up guys.