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#193429 Fear of Multiple Personality Disorder

Posted by hidingme on 20 June 2010 - 09:43 PM

i dont think i have DID but i do think i have sort of dissoative something..just no idea what.

i sorta wonder if my regression to being Sarah- my little 6 yr old self- is due to DP. my dr know i have Generalized anxiety disorder, but havent had the tie to go intotellin g her about feeling little and the strong gut feelings i have of having ptsd.

reg drs never give enough time for that it seems.

ie never heard of anyone dissociating into others or other ages from emotional buse from young adulthood but that is the only reason i can think is that cuase.
im so confused and scared. i know we really need to see a psych dr..at least for appropriate dx;s if nothing else. at least diagnosis would help me/us understand and have more a peice of mind to feel less crazy. and also allow us to find appropriate support aonline,

sorry if im not making sese..its been a very very hard day today for us and we are almost falling alseep fro out xanax.