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#203592 Zyprexa

Posted by ElectricRelaxation on 30 August 2010 - 06:10 PM

Fuck all anti psychotics, I seriously think doctors get paid to prescribe that shit. Yea you tell your psych that you feel dissociation 24/7 then they prescribe you something that makes you wake up in the morning with MORE brain fog and disconnects you from reality even more, what type of bullshit is that? I never even knew how bad DP could be until I tried seroquel. Thank god all that bullshit is out of my system.

#203500 Living the Dream

Posted by ElectricRelaxation on 30 August 2010 - 12:45 AM

Good stuff, it's amazing how when hanging out with friends DP doesn't even exist at all for me. Makes me feel like if I never ever analyzed this feeling I would have recovered long ago.