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Overly conscious of reality

24 October 2020 - 03:19 PM

Has anyone had this feeling before? Ever since DP/DR came back into my life, I feel like I'm overly conscious of the concept of existence and anything related to our world. Everytime I'm not focusing on work or a hobby, I'll instantly get triggered by looking at a wall or something else and feel like it doesn't make any sense, or feel like my arms or legs don't feel quite normal. As soon as this happens, a huge feeling of dread takes over my mind and forces me to lay down in my bed or I feel like I might just fall through the ground into oblivion...


Edit: The main problem is that back when I got DP/DR for the first time years ago, I felt the same symptoms but I didn't get overwhelmed with this dread sensation, now I do and it's ruining my life... I wonder if this is due to the new Covid-19 world we live in :S

I can't believe this but... I'm back

01 October 2020 - 04:23 PM

After years of being DP/DR free, I recently had what most likely was the biggest panic attack in my life which put me once again in a full & constant DP/DR state. I never thought this would actually come back, but as I look around things seem way too fake, the whole concept of me being able to move my body scares me, literally everything in my life feels off right now. Not sure if any of the old members still hang around but yeah, recovery is more than possible, I just have no idea how to deal with it this time T_T