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Wondering whether you might be furthr along the spectrum?

08 March 2013 - 01:33 PM

Hi guys


I just thought I'd post some links that might be helpful if you think dissociation sounds like what you're experiencing but maybe depersonalisation doesn't quite cover everything you're experiencing..


Here is a glossary for DD-NOS/DID, that might just give you a vocabulary for things that you couldn't quite put into words:



This site also has some great resources:

And if you are UK based the Pottergate Centre will provide and score your DES (=Dissociative Experience Scale) and SDQ20 (=Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire) for free - you can just email them. These questionairs will give you a good idea of the severity of your dissociation:



The dissociative identity forum over at psych central might also be a useful resource. It's also frequented by plenty of people who hold a DD-NOS diagnosis and has a very welcoming atmosphere (so even if you're certain it's not DID you'll be welcome - these guys are in no way an exclusive bunch): http://www.psychforu...ative-identity/



One thing I'd say is: If you find any of the following you might really be on to something:


  • You do a google search on DID and find you can't quite make yourself click the links that come up.. and maybe instead you end up closing your browser and start doing something entirely different instead
  • Or maybe  thinking about dissociation makes you feel very drowsy, your eyes just won't focus..
  • Or maybe you keep looking up the other dissociative disorders but you can't quite make yourself read any of the resources you find because it just feels stupid the moment you get through the first sentence or paragrah..
  • If people keep telling you you're lying and you are certain you are not, I'd certainly look into it a bit more.


Maybe look at having the SCID-D administered by a pro - because, frankly, doing it yourself is absolutely pointless.



I for one thought: Sure, I don't have emotional memory, all my episodic memories are in the third person (as if watching a movie of my life), but all in all my memory is pretty reasonable. I really didn't think I had any holes. But I do. You just can't see them until somebody points it out to you.


I'd certainly recommend looking up if you've experienced depersonalisation off and on for as long as you can remember.

I've been like this on and off since at least age two and a half, so how I waited 30+ years to finally look it up in detail.. well, that's dissociation for you.



In any case, if you have loud thought voices looking up DID might be useful to you, even if it's not what you're dealing with, you might find some useful advice on how to make your head a more friendly place :)