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#263476 Any positives to having DP?

Posted by FoXS on 23 August 2012 - 03:54 PM

i don't really see something positive in having DPDR, but after i got it, i changed my lifestyle to get rid of it, and this was a great idea, and on top of it, it worked.
so, the best of DPDR was not having it, but fighting against it.
i got over this shit by living very disciplined: first i quit my old, very stressful job. then i quit going to parties, i went to bad early instead, and got used to sleeping long. eating very healthy (very little meat, tons of fruits every day, big variation of vegetables, no sweets, no coffee, no stress), 3 times a week doing endurance and athletic sports.
i also got used to relaxing. i drink lots of tea now.
i also lost 10 kilos. so all in all, DP made me a healthier person.

#263379 Regarding those who recover and leave

Posted by FoXS on 22 August 2012 - 11:43 AM

i recovered around 99,99% - i still have DPDR but only very very seldomly, and it fades as quickly as it came. so i didn't want to come back to this forum, because i thought that i already spent enough time thinking about this shit and that i rather would like to enjoy my life. now i am back, but only because i am curious. it's sad that still at some point the same people hang around here. although i am cured, i still know how DPDR felt. if i could help somebody recover, i would be glad, but i won't hang around much.

#240282 So Excited

Posted by FoXS on 14 September 2011 - 10:15 AM

juhuuuuuuu! i am glad for you, especially because the last news i heard were bad. keep going!! you are strong!

#227678 How Do You Get Back to Reality?

Posted by FoXS on 05 April 2011 - 05:15 AM

j4mtj: very good post!

i personnally made the experience that when i drive on a highway for several hours, i get super DR, because all looks the same, its nearly as when i fall asleep, thats horror. but i noticed, which is funny, that although if i am super DRd while driving, i still arrive at the place where i wanted to go, without an accident, i still have attention to the things around me, it just doesnt feel like it, so no reason to worry.

#225622 Dreaming Too Much?

Posted by FoXS on 18 March 2011 - 05:39 AM

i have this problem that i'd like to describe.
i dont sleep to long (i always use a wakeup clock) but i dream freaking much every night! its like i dream for several hours. every morning i have soooo much to tell, i have several dreams. so i have the feeling that i dont really sleep. Normally you dream only during REM-sleep, right? and this is not the deepest sleep, i think. and here is the problem. every morning i feel like i have done mathematic tasks or have read a lot and feel mentally exhausted. i am also very tired like i havent slept enough, and i think that maybe i just dont sleep deep enough.

here are my theories:
1. maybe my brain is hyperactive and therefore also produces something when i sleep ? i dream of so many things, also of super old stuff which has happened to me years ago and which are not important anymore. is my brain so bored that it has to work so much at night?
2. and i think that it has something to do with DPDR. we are in a constant state of super awareness, our brain is warning us from the outside world to protect us against stress, right? when we are in a stress reaction, the body produces cortisol, a stress hormone. and CORTISOLE PREVENTS THAT YOU FALL INTO DEEP SLEEP. so i stay in a sleep level which is not so deep, and therefore i dream so much! does that sound logical?
3. and i have just read, that NEW INFORMATION WHICH REACHES THE BRAIN DURING A STRESS SITUATION IS NOT SAVED IN THE BRAIN AS EXPERIENCE BUT AS "WARNINGS" THAT CANNOT BE DELETED. therefore the brain cant process them properly and i think this is why so many things occur in my dreams, because my brain tries to delete things that it receives during a permanent stresssituation.

what are your comments?


Posted by FoXS on 08 March 2011 - 09:04 AM

i like the expression "you can all get stuffed".

#214723 It's all just a story

Posted by FoXS on 14 December 2010 - 04:39 AM

very well written, i must say ! although its very sad ! but a good piece of words.

#211238 wow...

Posted by FoXS on 05 November 2010 - 12:43 PM

you really have to let go this memory. it has changed you but don't let it have anymore effect on you now, please ! get over it, move on, it cant harm you anymore.

#211046 my cousin is totally crazy ! please help me and her !!

Posted by FoXS on 03 November 2010 - 02:13 PM

Hey folks,

today i shall tell you about my cousin.
She is 35 years old, lives alone and she is really mad !
i am searching for help because the situation has become so extreme and i am overstrained.

She has been given away from my aunt when she was a baby and got adopted by a different family.
When she grew up with her family, she developed borderline personality, and had to take heavy antidepressants.
she always felt disowned by us, her real family, and her adopted family too. always lonely, angry and sad.
when she was in the middle twenties, she found us and her real mother.
she seemed to get better and moved to us and started a new life, even got a boyfriend.

but then her illness came again. she developed the typical signs of her borderline illness:
- she wasnt able to keep stable relationships, always felt like being lied to
- when she could trust somebody, she really clinged on that person and called several times a day.
- when she felt being forsaken, she terrorized us with letters and calls again and insulted us.
- she started to do self-distructing actions.

we didnt have much contact to her then for several years.
but since june, she keeps terrorizing me via email.
she writes me about 30 emails a day, like every half an hour !!!

the problem is, that she developed extreme schizophrenia:
- she hears voices which insult her for being too weak, too lazy, for having done something.
- her voices are one old man and one woman. and the problem is: SHE DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT THE VOICES ARE ONLY IN HER HEAD.
- so she feels being hunted (persecution mania). she hears those people in her head describing what she is doing, so she feels like somebody is watching her every time. she is convinced that somebody is playing the voices for her off a tape or a record, somebody who has hidden a stereo in her room to make her hear it !
- when she is outside, she feels like she sees the same people and cars everywhere. when somebody looks at her, she gets the impression that this person is talking to her, she imagines those people talking to her or about her, and then she starts a fight with a stranger. sometimes she runs through the town, being in panic, crying.
- she feels like people who are next to her talk about her, and those voices which she hears in her head insult them, and so she gets angry towards everybody.
- when she writes me those hundreds of emails, she repeats the same sentences all the time ("they should prepare themselves for something... i know that they are trying to make me mad...") over and over again !

now PLEEEEEASE tell me what i shall do!! because
- its really annoying and
- at the same time, i am really sad for her, i want her to get better !

so what shall i do ? i know her address.
shall i
- visit her and have a look myself? or shall i better
- go to the police or a psychiatrist, and tell anybody to pick on her?
i mean, she really needs help.
i tried to help her via email but it doesnt work, she is just getting worse and worse.

thanks for your answers !!

#208472 Derealization 24/7ish

Posted by FoXS on 11 October 2010 - 06:11 AM

my english sucks because im from germany. ;:)

hahaha, wi tuh hähf se säim probblem !

#207374 looking in the mirror is scary

Posted by FoXS on 01 October 2010 - 05:52 AM

i also feel unfamiliar in the mirror. it helps me to do stupid faces, then i realize its me. and its funny.

#187701 unconfident: fear to do something stupid

Posted by FoXS on 21 April 2010 - 05:37 PM


since DR, i am so unconfident.

for example, i am afraid to go to the toilet.
i always doubt that i am at the right place, that i am really in a bathroom.
i have the FEAR that one day i will be so lost in thoughts, that i will pee in public
must always affirm myself that i am at the right place.
must hold on something or distract myself.

or i am afraid that somebody will watch me while i enter my passwords into a form and then log on my accounts.
i fear that i drink something which is not drinkable, that i send SMS to a false number, that i tell anybody things he must not know, that i press the accelerator instead of the brake....................

all in all i fear that i do something stupid.
what the hell can i do against this?

#186450 What it means to be "human"... **Please contribute**

Posted by FoXS on 07 April 2010 - 02:43 PM

pff! does not scare me at all. doesn't strike me at all.
what have those thoughts got do with the feeling of DP? sounds more like a depression, doesn't it?
i mean, being human is very cool ! it's interesting, and although we are "only" biological "robots", this makes it all so fascinating, doesn't it? i mean, there is always something new to experience. even illnesses are so complicated procedures ! life is too exciting to think that it has no meaning.

#182478 my tip against DR

Posted by FoXS on 16 February 2010 - 05:53 PM

yoo-hoo alltogether,

here is my personal tip how to deal with a DR -attack.
when i feel as if the world is unreal, it's mostly because of my eyes. i simply don't believe that i am just at the place i am or that the things which i see are really there.

Then i try to lift / loose /break free from the things i see. i don't let them be so important. i try to concentrate on the surrounding sounds, to the way the floor feels beneath my feet, to the shape of the objects near by, furthermore the warmth of the room or the weather, wind on my skin, as well as every present smell.

reason: all senses together are not gone away.
the combination of those feelings make DR go away and i feel more being.

i got this hint by a friend of mine, who is blind. he said that our vision / sight is completely overrated.
he is right.

#182444 holy crap

Posted by FoXS on 16 February 2010 - 02:06 PM

maybe 90% of the members are spam accounts :-)