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Please.... a little bit of hope ?

30 September 2010 - 09:21 AM

Hey everybody...

Just want some comforting if i could get it... I have now been this way since April last year, so its been long and very hard.... What i hope to get from you guys is a little hope that im not going crazy and that this will pass...

I really feel like im going crazy in the moment, today in school I sort of just drift away to a really deep dream-state and if i move to another classroom it sort of feel like i didn't know how I got there, is this normal? its freaking me out!! Also im really spaced out, and always observing myself, like im floating outside my body... sometimes im scared of going skizo or just loose control..

Whats going on?? i really tried to keep me busy, working out in the gym almost everyday... And im trying to get a degree as a social worker at the university.. Why wont this just fade away like the other times?, Does that mean that its here for good??

Sorry for all the ? but i really could need some advise an hope..

Cheers Asbjørn

Gone going, gone away.......

14 September 2010 - 04:45 AM

Hey Everybody...

What the hell is going on? My dp/dr got so bad last April, and its still bad... I feel like i am already gone away, everyday even second is a struggle, i really try to live on, but it hasn't changed a thing... I just came back from a day at the university and it already seems like a memory so far away, if someone asked me to tell me about what happen today, i probably could tell i more detailed than most others.. But still it doesn't seem like i am living the moment and that its me... What the hell is going on? Am i really going crazy? i really want to live my life like i used to do, happy and not in constant fear and confusedness......... I been going to a psychiatrist for about a year now, but nothing has changed for the better, i feel trapped... They put me on Cipralex, but that didn't do squat... I really dont want to take medicine, but right now i just need some kinda relief.. Even my dreams are fucked up unreal!! I feel like im all in my head, just observing and thinking... its so crazy... hope that you understand what i mean...

Sorry about the non positiv story :sad2:


Cant believe that almost a year have past with this shit...

07 February 2010 - 08:52 AM

Hey everybody,

Now i have had this shit for almost a year, and nothing has change at all... I'm still fighting every goddamn minute for my life.. Sometimes i wonder if this is not Dp/Dr and i really am going mad... My heart is beating like a racehorse most of the day, constant having the moments where i will stop up at think, where the hell am I.... I feel like my head is going to explode any moment, i cant find peace, not even if im laying in bed... I feel like there is so much pressure from the inside of my head, that even my eyesight is abnormal... I could really need some moral support, sorry that it cant write anything positive :sad2: ...

I'm still super Dp/Dr

13 November 2009 - 12:13 PM

Hey Everybody,

I'm still super Dp/Dr, and the shit hasn't got better since i got it 7 months ago... I just got off Cipralex, because it wasn't helping me at all.... unfortunately! i started the treatment Tommygunz recommended, but it doesn't seem to work... I haven't been taking them all, but most of them
rhodiola rosea - 250 mg
choline - 500 mg
inositol - 1,000 mg
sublingual B complex - containing at least - B2, B3, B5, B6, B12
folic acid (B9) - 800 mcg
and stated with the l-theanine, some days ago 150 mg a day...

But like i said it hasn't done anything yet... I try to do stuff, and im in school everyday at the university, but its so hard to keep it up... Everything is soo fucked up, im all in my head and therefor everything seem like a dreamworld to me... i really don t know what to do, im seeing a psychiatrist, but he keeps telling me that i need to let it go, and just not think about it.. But what he dosnt understands is that it isnt just a thought, im in it 24/7 like im living in a bubble all alone, and its a very depressing bubble.. Im so disorientate, confused and really depressed!!

I really wish that i could write something positive on the site.. sorry guys! :(

Shit, feels like my life slipping away...

26 October 2009 - 11:19 AM

Shit my DP/DR is at its worse state, i feel like im trapped deep inside my mind... Everything is so crazy, and im constant tired, i think it has to come from all this shit... It is so hard to describe, i truly feel like i am going crazy, and it could snapp all the time... All i wanted is to just be happy like i use to be, is that to much to ask?? Its like im in a movie, but not one of the good ones, im floating over my body.... I wanted to try Tommygunz thing, with the vitamins, but i heard that it wouldnt be such a good idea to take it if you on SSRI, and i have been on Cipralex 10mg since juni, so i wanted to stop taking them , and started taking only 5mg 3 days ago, could this be why i have this even more harder today??? But the Cipralex didnt do shit for me, so whats the point taking them.....

I really could use some words guys!!! :(