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Depersonalization as an enlightenment

16 September 2018 - 06:45 AM

Hello all,


As a DP Suffer I have a specific question. Do you consider DP as a enlightenment or a sa positive thing? 
Indeed  illness or symptoms shows something is working with us and give us a signal that we need to do some change ?

So maybe I need to do bigg change in our life ? Change work ?  It is because I have no find my purpose or I do not live on the present or analyse too much myself ? Like DP is to show to face fear and reality or signal I am on the wrong  way ?

Or it is just to stop analyze too much and live fully my own life and DO THINGS I LOVE ? Its look like signals when I was policeman I lost my personality my "ego" (so depersonalization) and this job was not for me so symptoms come..

But why I have still have tit ? Did I have no found my own love. Maybe love and accept myself with positive outlook and do things I love ?


Its look like it is a crisis conscious. I have found a interesting comment on your tube:


"DP results from a premature (immature) awakening to an experience of self that "we" aren't prepared for, whether by trauma, drugs, alcohol, stress etc. It's easy to dismiss talk of enlightenment as airy fairy bullshit when "we" are sunk into the depths of despair at the meaningless of life in the throes of DP. Each are like noon and midnight, occupying the same position on the clock, though signifying opposite times of the day. One light, the other dark; during one period we are awake and the other we are asleep. DP isn't cured, but rather endured and seen through. It is the "Dark Night of the Soul" as described by John of the Cross, hundreds of years ago, in his book of the same name. The more we struggle against the quicksand, the more it sucks us down: what is resisted will persist. It's difficult to accept this as a necessary part of our growth, but here it is, nonetheless, even though we were not ready for it. You will come through with greater humility and wisdom, no small things. Your ability to appreciate life itself will be amplified. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The sun always rises."
Thanks all and sorry for my bad English 



need recovery people advice

08 September 2018 - 06:35 AM

Hello guys,


I know there is some recovery topics here. But I would like to have specific advices. If overcome guys are here please can you give me some advices.

From what I have heard many said live your life, no dp forums anymore, no therapies (make confusion and think how you feel so DP) like meditation,no videos  just live and enjoy your life and it will disappear gradually..


But on the other hand some said go to see a therapist for traumas, need to talk... So it make me confuse.


What could be the best. No therapy, close my past and live and enjoy life fully (with moderation no drugs..) or do therapies (EMDR, hypnose..)

Many said that the pill do not exist it is all in our mind. No medication works?


There is few books or programs regarding DP? I would like to know if DPmanual, Harris Harrigton program are really good ? 


If we could summary all DP programs, videos advices, recovery topics from this forum or google or videos and do a package I think we will have the cure :)


For what I have learn and I know we all are different but same advices come back. The only thing that make me feel better is the book at last a life from Paul David and the Holy Grail of DP.



Thanks a lot 



30 August 2018 - 01:12 PM

Hello guys,


10 years of DP/DR I feel suicidal. I have enough to wake up and feel detached 24/7. I have enough to have dizziness, numb, detach, no feel myself, no feelings...I have enough to no see myself at the mirror. To feel different of others. To no recognize my family, friends and this world. I have enough to no live a normal life like people. I have enough to no enjoy parties, and my life. 


Please guys help. I did many things (psychiatry, psychology, EMDR, hypnose, relaxation, acuponcture..) no one help. I feel alone. I do not believe to be on couple and live a life; I have lost 10 yeas of my life. No specialist help me. NO medication works.


I would like positive advices to no give up I am a taker. Any programs or good books?

For what I have seen many said live your own life like everything is ok and it will disappear ? It is true? We all different I am skeptical.


My Dr feel lost and do no what to do. My therapist too and when i ask him if there is a cure or how to overcome he do not not what to say...

Its look like I have lost my mind and personality for the rest of my life. Its look like I have mental illness and there is no cure for it after 10 years...


Please give me some positive recovery stories. Sorry for this bad mood. I do not see issue.


Thanks a lot