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dosages of klonopin that have worked?

30 June 2008 - 07:19 PM

going through the forums ive seen a lot of people have been on klonopin (clonazapam) with good effect question is what kind of dosages were people on? and what side effects did they experience, *if* it worked for them?

im on cipramil 60mg a day right now, and its about the only thing thats worked .. ive been on every ssri/snri and antipsychotic in the book, and am thinking about pushing my useless (11th ) psych doc on trying lamotrigine again possibly with the klonopin

last doc was semi usefull.. read about lamotrigine working with SSRIS for dp/dr shoved me on 25mg for 6 weeks then proclaimed it a faliure :)

my diagnosis is basicly DR (dp after being on reboxetine) with depression .. used to have panic attacks but the cipramil took care of that, also have a massive lack of motivation to do most things.. so if anyone has any ideas please.. fire away

reboxetine/clomipramine with cipramil..recent experience

29 June 2008 - 11:53 AM

hi guys

first post on here so i thought id let you all know how i got on with one of dr sierras treatments for DP/DR (clomipramine with an ssri (cipramil)
been on cipramil for the past 6 years along with a host of antipsychotics (i was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia) came off seroquel 1.2gram about a year back and recently tried reboxetine with the cipramil, big big mistake.. has made my DR even worse, but im hoping it will wear off as its only been 2 weeks since i stopped taking it

so after getting hold of one of dr sierras research papers i set about trying to convice the doc to give me some clomipramine, been on 25mg for the past 2 weeks since coming off the reboxetine, lot of side effects, sleeping 14hrs a day,cognitive problems as well as sedation

then yesterday i got full blown DP.. which i havent had for years , just felt like an emotionless robot, then ended up having a panic attack on top of that :D

so ive given up on the clomipramine... maybe try naltrexone next as that is mentioned in dr sierras research .. i hope this is the one.. :)