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Zolpidem trials, possible cure for DP?

26 August 2008 - 07:26 PM

It's said that coma patients have been administrated zolpidem when they are supposed to die. Instead they wake up from the coma.
It's now thought that zolpidem can activate dose parts of the brain that controls the coma.

The other night i dropped 5mg of zolpidem and it made me 100% symptom free when it started working. I managed to stay up which is not recomended but i was 100% symptom free.
The problem is of course that zolpidem is hypnotic but maybe there are a way to come up with a med with this proprties that zolpidem has that could be taken as a daily dose to completely activate the brain out of

When i say symptom free i mean absolutely everything, i feel my body, memories, everything does not look fake but in fact real, no running scattered thoughts, stimuali etc..
you can read more about this on HPPDonline

My body feels like it is made of rubber?

13 April 2008 - 07:23 AM

I don't know about this. Sometimes when i touch my body it really feels like it made of rubber. If i touch my neck or head i'm totally numb, i can't feel that im touching it.
Is this normal in DP?

Need help with diagnosis about depersonalization

02 April 2008 - 01:36 AM


I have had this stuff, whatever it is for almost a year now.
It started about three weeks after i used a hallucinogenic drug.
What happened is that i got alot of visual distortions. This is probebly HPPD cuz i have heavy visual snow and such.

I started too feel weird aswell. I felt cut-off from the surronding world and my mind was like numb. I looked at things, my mind registered what it was but nothing more.
Sometimes at night my body feels like it made of rubber or something. I press my stomache or my forehead with my hand i do not really feel it. It's like my mind register that my hand
is touching my body but it feels so weird and it makes me freak out.
Before i got this i was always conerned how i look and always needed to look myself in every mirror but now i do not even care.
I look myself in the mirror and i only see mysel as an object altough i see myself as "me".

There are a few symptoms that i cannot explain:
I get these weird thougts sometimes. Especially at nights and all of a sudden my mind seems blocked and my mind sorta freeze, like im stuck.
Th weird ideas can be that there is nothing more to humanity then the animals, like all is only matter.
My mind also gets in a loop.
I can project images of almost anything in my mind that kinda disturbes me-
Sometimes i just wanna scream and hit things around me altough i don't.
Also i almost do not have any lont-term memory left.

Any feedback is appreiciated

Lost my christian faith with DP, how to get it back.

26 February 2008 - 08:54 AM

My DP is really that i cannot feel pain, neither can i feel hope.
Before i got DP God/Jesus was always there for me when i felt pain and everytime i felt depressed his word gave me hope.
Now i cannot feel anything. Im so stuck in my mind i do not care anymore about anything but what really makes me feel bad is the fact that
i do not care about god anymore.

I do not wan't this thread to become a religious debate but it's really for those of you who have experinced the same thing with god.
I cannot even put my hope in heaven anymore and i do not really care about hell related issues either.

Can anyone relate and how do/did you deal with it?

Sorry for my crappy enligsh.

Running conversations in my head at night?

22 January 2008 - 04:15 AM

I have this sometimes when i try to go to sleep, or when i wake up.
It's not just a breaf moment but really like conversations in my head, only at night though. It could be people i know or someone i never heard of.
Just chatter and it's really scary. What does it come from? Sould not one be in total control of what you think when you are awake?