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#133041 Zolpidem trials, possible cure for DP?

Posted by on 26 August 2008 - 07:26 PM

It's said that coma patients have been administrated zolpidem when they are supposed to die. Instead they wake up from the coma.
It's now thought that zolpidem can activate dose parts of the brain that controls the coma.

The other night i dropped 5mg of zolpidem and it made me 100% symptom free when it started working. I managed to stay up which is not recomended but i was 100% symptom free.
The problem is of course that zolpidem is hypnotic but maybe there are a way to come up with a med with this proprties that zolpidem has that could be taken as a daily dose to completely activate the brain out of

When i say symptom free i mean absolutely everything, i feel my body, memories, everything does not look fake but in fact real, no running scattered thoughts, stimuali etc..
you can read more about this on HPPDonline