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Do you have certain triggers that gets you into a DDD episode?

04 May 2021 - 04:45 AM

Hello! This is Khulan from Mongolia. I'm 20 years old.


I started getting short episodes or moments of depersonalization [for about 5 seconds every time] since I was in elementary school. I would get confused and ask other people if they felt what I felt, too. Since I was a child, people didn't care much about it when I explained what felt. So, then, even I stopped caring about it.

I used to get these 5 seconds of depersonalization once a year or two. But after I turned 17, it started to get really intense and frequent. These days I get ddd episodes at least once every month, often short, but sometimes for hours. I couldn't find much information about this in my native language, so I decided to get help from here.


The weird thing is the triggers. [though it happens occasionally without any triggers]

When I see mannequins up close [not picture], or when I'm surrounded by mirrors, I instantly lose my train of thought, and the ddd episode starts. But if I'm prepared to see mannequins or mirrors, it's perfectly fine. For example, I can go to a clothing store and be okay because I was prepared; but when I enter a room and don't expect to see a mannequin or lots of mirrors there, I get depersonalization.

And sometimes [very rarely] videos or audios can be a trigger for me. Like, there are a few videos on the Internet that I can't watch because it has parts that trigger my ddd even though I'm prepared for what's coming.


As far as I know, ddd is often associated with childhood trauma, depression or drug abuse etc., but I'm healthy both mentally and physically. I don't have anxiety either. And I don't have a phobia of mannequins nor mirrors. So I don't know why it happens to me often. Do you guys also have certain triggers? Or could this be another mental disorder that's similar to ddd?