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DP/DR help

23 March 2021 - 04:58 AM

Hello. I’ve been looking at this forum for a while and wanted to share what I’ve been going through and if I’m in the right place.

I first started experiencing DP/DR (I think) 5 years ago. I was very anxious after watching a TV show where someone was talking to someone who wasn’t there. This spiralled into not being able to sleep and an obsession with trying to figure out if I was losing control or going insane. I then started to have feelings of unreality which then made me feel more insane... after a few months of medication and therapy I felt a lot better and have had little slip ups over the past 5 years, until now.

Something similar happened just over 3 weeks ago while watching a TV show and I started to have symptoms of harm OCD. I was really afraid that these thoughts would mean I was losing control. It then turned into a fear of schizophrenia again, I’ve been constantly checking my mind state. Now I am in the same position as 5 years ago, with the following thoughts and symptoms:

- what if nothing is real?
- what if I start believing that nothing is real and start attacking people? (Huge fear)
- what is the point of life?
- memory problems and concentration issues, having to check if I’ve done things as I’ve forgotten
- brain fog and disconnect from the world
- feeling like I’m on autopilot
- checking symptoms multiple times a day
- feeling hopeless and like I won’t get better even though I have before

Can anyone relate? I’m hoping to hear from a Psychiatrist soon and am taking an SSRI but feel very hopeless at the moment.