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Question about derealization

22 February 2021 - 02:30 PM

Hello i have a few questions to people who are recoverying or can relate to long story short i had dp/dr 3 years ago because of weed and it went away after a month or a little more.. now three years later i got it again after a heavy night of drinking but only derealization (feeling like being in a dream, my sourroundings look weird, ect) and its getting better after going to a treatment with bioenergy but im still left with detachment from my feelings and everything seems dull to me and i wonder does anyone experience the same thing as i and does it get better? I still feel a little of dr and its getting better but my feelings are weird its like im in some kind of depression but weirder like the real me left me and someone else took over my body idk how to explain and i also get existential thoughts

I hope someone can relate or atleast give me a replay it would mean a lot

Also sorry for my bad english its not my first lanuage