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09 July 2010 - 02:23 PM

I have been around on this forum some 7 years ago (frequent visitor) and once in a while (every 2 years or so) I drop by to see what is going on, to read some personal stories and so on. I suffered from chronic DP/DR for 15 years so I know that it is a hell.

What strikes me when I drop by on this forum is that most stories are retold and the questions which are asked are every time the same. I know it is tempting to look for reasons for DP beyond the obvious, but still I am amazed with the obsessive reasoning and questioning regarding DP/DR.

DP/DR is a symptom of anxiety (and often a mixture of depression and anxiety). Anxiety leads to avoidance; avoidance leads to dissociation; dissociation leads to depersonalization/derealization. Breaking the circle is very hard as you have to face anxiety and the symptom (DP) but still it is the only way out. Overthinking, overanalyzing (like on this forum) is only making the situation worse...

Dispair ->DP/DR

12 July 2009 - 04:35 AM

I have been DP/DR free for 5 years (after struggling with it for over 12 years). Now I am 37 and it returned and now I can pinpoint exactly what triggers it with me: anxiety and the feeling of dispair/hopelessness. Going through a phase in life in which I started to question everything (my relationship, career, my mother who got ill) I felt overwhelmed with these things and suddenly my good old friend DP/DR returned (even harsher than when I initially got it). Especially the DR part is very hard. But...on days that I tell myself 'cut the crap, you are i n control of your life' and I start acting/doing while simultaneously feeling a certain degree of control it lifts. Procrastination and analysis should be avoided at any cost. As well as using stimulants (alcohol, caffeine etc.)