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In Topic: Taking MOLLY/PURE MDMA With DP??

15 July 2010 - 05:55 PM

Pure MDMA could wosen dp/dr or it could have no effect on it at all. It depends on the person really. Sadly i have never had MDMA so i don't know. Plus my dp/dr is in remission these days. Ive tried just about everything at one point besides MDMA actually which is odd.

In Topic: Issue with any medication

11 July 2010 - 11:07 AM

Both nyquil and zyrtec contain anti-histamines. Different formulations of nyquil contain different medications but they all contain doxylamine succinate as the anti-histamine. It is one of the drowsy anti-histamines There are other things in nyquil such as pseudoephedrine a decongestant that is a shitty stimulant that is bad news for alot of people with dp/dr as it causes anxiety that is sometimes rather severe. Other ingrediants are acetaminophen (shouldnt have any effect), phenylephrine is a decongestant that is pretty much useless that was put in to replace pseudoephedrine and is also a shitty stimulant though less likely to cause anxiety and other side effects then pseudoephedrine and alcohol is in most formulations.

Zyrtec is certirizine which is a second generation anti-histamine that only causes very mild drowsiness due to only crossing the blood brain barrier very slightly. But maybe these anti-histamines just don't agree with you? Plus the meds commonly given for dp/dr act differently then anti-histamines. Although certain anti-psychotics seroquel for one and certain anti-depressants remeron (mirtazapine) for one are strong H1 antagonists thus they do have strong anti-histiminic side effects. Drugs such as the benzodiazepines, anti-convulsants, ssri's and many more don't act as anti-histamines at all.

In Topic: Medications = drugs

11 July 2010 - 09:38 AM

Okay old post but i had to chime in on this one. All drugs are chemicals but not all chemicals are drugs. Most do nothing or very little to the CNS.

Also some of the drugs that cause dp/dr in some people can treat it in others. So it's not a one size fits all type of thing when it comes to this. Saying that all drugs are bad is just stupid and ignorant.

In Topic: Ultram / Tramadol

11 July 2010 - 08:40 AM

Okay first off tramadol which is the opioid in ultram, ultracet, tridural, ralivia and others (i just listed off some north american brand names) is not a typical opioid such as codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, hydromorphone, diamorphine aka heroin or fentanyl. It has very weak mu opioid receptor binding but it is also a serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. So it's a SNRI like effexor or cymbalta with a tiny bit of opioid effects.

This means it has potential in treatng depression (it's sometimes prescribed off label for this) but it also means your going to get alot of the same side effects as you do with drugs like effexor. Though i never found it to be as shitty as effexor but the longest ive taken tramadol for is a week tops and even then i might have taken a day off i think. You also have a good chance that you're going to get hit with WORSE withdrawals then coming off oxycodone, morphine, etc since you are going to be going through SNRI withdrawal as well as opioid withdrawal. Though the opioid withdrawal part of it should be milder then coming off oxy, morphine or heroin but this is just a theory based on tramadols mild opioid effects.

The use of opiates/opioids (i don't use the term narcotics as it's not specific to opiates and in case anyone is wondering opiates usually refer to naturally occuring or semi synthetic drugs with opium like effects while opioids refer to fully synthetic drugs with opium like effects) in the treatment of depression or mental disorders in general is far from new. They have been used to treat various mental illnesses as far back as anyone recognized that there was anything wrong with anyone in the head or as we call it today the brain. Most opiates/opioids have some anti-depressant effects since they cause euphoria and a sense of well being. God knows i self medicated enough with them over a long ass period of time to treat my bipolar disorder. The results where umm mixed to say the least :unsure2: .

Tramadol could worsen dp/dr more so then your regular old opiates like good ol morphine due to it's SNRI effects. It made me feel really weird, kinda spaced out and nauseous. It also worsened my bipolar disorder due to the SNRI properties as SNRI's or any anti-depressant that touches serotonin make me completely batshit crazy like they do with many people with bipolar disorder. So although it's not my most hated opioid (propoxyphene the stuff in darvon and darvocet takes the prize for that) but it's down there on my list of opioids that i have a liking for. It does absolutly nothing to help my pain at all and it worsens my bipolar disorder so yeah not the drug for me really. Also i can't get high off the shit at all.

A few words of caution about tramadol i thought id go over. Although it's a very hit or miss drug where some people love it and others hate it with a passion the ones that love it seem to REALLY love it. A few people i know that are addicted to it are fanatical about it to the point where they abuse the living shit out of their tramadol prescription and run out then go spend all their cash ordering it off the internet. It must be hard to run out of tramadol and not be able to get your doctor to write you another script since here in canada many doctors don't think twice about giving out loads of the sample packs to you that whatever drug company has pushed on them for no matter what type or severity of pain you have. The drug reps must tell doctors that tramadol is like morphine in it's painkilling abilities with none of the addiction because many of them seem to believe it. Also since tramadol is not a controlled substance doctors don't have to worry about getting in any trouble. So yes it can be rather addictive and i have even heard a few people say that kicking heroin or fentanyl was easier. Yikes.

Also there is the seizure risk associated with tramadol especially when you get to the 400mg a day mark. So if you are prone to seizures at all or are tapering off a benzodiazepine or a drug from any class of anti-convulsants or have just stopped one this drug is not for you. Also if you are on any drugs that also lower the seizure threshold such as wellbutrin (bupropion), most anti-psychotics both typical and atypical, tricyclic anti-depressants as well as many other drugs that i can't be bothered to list here or can't remember off the top of my head tramadol may not be for you. It lowers the seizure threshold especially above the 400mg a day mark but this does not stop some people from going over the 400mg a day mark and risking tonic clonic seizures.

There is also the risk of serotonin syndrome when taken with other serotonic drugs such as SSRI's, SNRI's, most tricyclics, MAOI's (amoung the other risks of taking it with MAOI's), atypical anti-depressants such as trazadone, mirtazapine, etc, dextromethorphan and i think MDMA as well. Im not sure about the interactions with MDMA but i certainly wouldnt mix the 2.

Im not saying this is a bad drug but it's just not for me. It may help some people with dp/dr but like with any other drug it will make other people worse. Thats just the luck of the draw really and not taking that risk means not trying any medications which could very well mean a lifetime of untreated dp/dr. So this drug like any other has it's risks and also has it's benefits.

Another opioid that is used off label for treating depression is buprenorphine. It's the opioid in suboxone and subutex that is used in treating opioid addiction and is quickly becoming the drug of choice in opioid mateniance programs atleast in the US. They are the same drug except suboxone has naloxone in it and subutex does not so it gives doctors the idea that it can't be abused IV. When in fact buprenorphine has a strong enough binding affinity to the mu receptor that it overrides the naloxone thus suboxone is fucking pointless except for getting doctors to write out scripts easier.

Im not telling anyone not to use tramadol to treat dp/dr, depression or anything else i just believe in people making informed decisions before they go taking any medications.

It seems like it would just be like something that would sedate the living hell out of you. I dunno. And like a replacement for Benzos.

I as well as many other people i know get a odd stimulant effect from it not sedation but many people do get a sedative effect from it. Also tramadol is nothing like benzodiazepines much less a replacement for them. I never found any opiate/opioid to be as good at treating my dp/dr, brain fog and anxiety as clonazepam is.

Wow that was long :blink: . Props to anyone that read all that!

In Topic: benodryl

11 July 2010 - 06:41 AM

Yeah I believe it has both from what i've read. Anti-Histamine and Narcotic. I thought it was just some sort of Codiene he gave me. I didn't even take the full dose, but later that night my hands felt disconnected from my body and I had a really strange experience while trying to go to sleep like I was moving forward and back pretty fast (not too unlike being drunk and closing your eyes and having things feel like they are spinning).

Not that DP/DR wasn't already being triggered by other factors or anything. There was a lot going on at the time that was causing stress.

Hydrocodone can cause drowsiness, euphoria, CNS depression, constipation, sweating, etc. So the same damn side effects that all typical opiates/opioids cause to some degree. A person not used to opiates might say it feels somewhat like being drunk since that is all they have to relate it to. Though opiates feel nothing like being drunk and about the only effects alcohol shares with opiates is CNS depression and euphoria. But alcohol gives a much shittier dirtier high in my opioion then opiates do.

Chlorpheniramine like alot of anti-histamines can potentiate some of the effects of the hydrocodone especially drowsiness and overall CNS depression. Though other anti-histamines such as diphenhydramine (benadryl) and dimenhydrinate ( dramamine,gravol) work much better for this purpose. Id say the chlorpheniramine is what caused the distressing effects that you had unless you just don't like feeling altered then both of the drugs in the cough medicine would do it.

By the way there is only one form of codeine and yes codeine is a specific chemical that is a opiate which are classified as narcotics. Though the term narcotic is kinda useless these days since the government includes even cannabis, amphetamines and certain psychedelics as "narcotics" :rolleyes: . Hydrocodone is stronger then codeine but weaker then oxycodone so it's a opiate thats for pain that isint too severe.

Though it's prescribed for really severe pain in the US since vicodin, loratab and norco (all these contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen/paracetamol in different doses) are all in schedule 3 so doctors can prescribe them much much easier and with less fear of being arrested then they can schedule 2's like oxycodone, morphine, hydromorphone or even pure codeine with no acetaminophen/paracetamol or aspirin in it :angry2: . Now isint that fucked that a drug like codeine in pure form is considered to have a higher abuse potential due to the fact that you can take more without shredding your liver due to the acetaminophen/paracetamol (same drug it's just called paracetamol in most other places then north america. I call it APAP for short and thats the usual abreviation) or causing a ulcer or hemorrhaging due to aspirin. It just goes to show that the government especially in the US could care less about our health but may god help us if we try and get high :rolleyes:

Sorry bout the rant but ive had too much coffee.