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In Topic: Anyone notice anything different with diet?

11 January 2021 - 01:00 AM

I'm not sure if it makes a really big difference for an already physically healthy person, but eating healthy and eating 3 meals a day has improved my general mental health. Being anemic/ iron deficient increased dpdr's impact on me, eating more and healthily helped everything. I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that most of the serotonin we make comes from the intestines, so I guess eating nutritional things would help your mood. 

In Topic: How bad have your symptoms gotten?

29 December 2020 - 05:47 PM

The worst my dpdr affected me was a couple of months ago. Time was moving very fast for me, 24 hours felt so short and i'd frequently stay up all night, no problem. I ended up losing complete track of time and stayed awake for 3 days whilst doing school assignments. During this time I was isolated, I didnt eat or drink, didnt even use the bathroom. The dpdr mixed with no sleeping or eating and a ton of stress caused me to become the most disconnected from reality I had ever been. On the 3rd day I started hallucinating; seeing things, hearing voices and music. I was basically dreaming with my eyes open. I would fully believe I was washing dishes, brushing my teeth, or sleeping and then all of a sudden snap out of it and I'd be sitting down staring at a notebook. It was scary. It wasn't solely from dpdr, but it did play a big part. 

In Topic: Some thoughts/vent

09 December 2020 - 04:10 PM

Do you think you've been feeling worse because of the stress from school? Just two months ago I was where you are at, I'm sorry you're feeling this shitty. I know you said you were scared of taking medication, but please reconsider. If its the stress from school please know that your health comes first, take breaks, get enough sleep, and please try your best to eat 3 meals a day. You don't need to keep it together if doing so is hurting you to the point where you think you wont survive.  It will get better, just please keep on pushing through it.

In Topic: School

07 December 2020 - 09:12 PM

Yeah that’s exactly how I feel! I even have a hard time telling my parents because I don’t want them to tip-toe around me and constantly ask if I’m alright. At the same time that’s exactly what I want, haha it’s really weird. Also don’t want my teachers to think I want their pity, I really just need more time. I’m 17 and I think I would be in 11 grade in the US. Here where I live next year will be my last before I start university. The 2nd year out of 3 here is usually the hardest one, which is why I’m struggling a lot. I’ve already missed a lot of tests, I’ll try and get it together after Christmas!

Also, are you still in school?

Same here, I've always excelled at schoolwork so it was also out of my comfort zone asking my teachers for more time and explaining my situation. I was surprised when they were willing to help me out. I still can't really tell my parents about things either, but I made myself open up to my teachers. I'm in 12th grade, it's my last year until university. The 2nd to last year of school seems to be the hardest everywhere haha. With covid, everyones a bit more stressed, I'm sure your teachers will understand. Don't feel guilty about asking for more time. You'll get through this, wishing you all the best. 

In Topic: School

06 December 2020 - 06:14 PM

Hi! Yeah thanks so much for the advice. I’ve always been a bit scared to tell my teachers because I don’t want them to treat me differently than the others in my class, or look at me like I can’t do anything. But I guess in this situation it would be necessary, they’re all really nice tho so I’m sure they’ll understand. It’s just me who hates looking vulnerable. I don’t live in the US but I’m sure there’s some way to fix my grades anyways, it’s not that bad that I’ve gotten F’s yet, but if it does I’ll make sure to fix it.

I was pretty excited (also terrified lol) to start going to school now and work on this, but now it’s closing down again due to COVID:( I mean sure it gives me time to make up a plan and work on the dpdr, but like you said when you skip it for a few weeks, it’s so much more terrifying going back again. I’ll try and challenge myself anyways and go out, ride the subway etc, hopefully that’ll make it easier to get back to school.

Again, thanks for the encouragement and advice!smile.png

Omg yeah, my main problem was my teachers and classmates viewing me as a dumb student/ failure, all my self worth used to be determined by my grades. Definitely tell your teachers at least about anxiety. You're in your last year of high school I think? They'll have to be a bit more forgiving. Good luck!